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Psychotherapy is a treatment offered for behavioural and mental health issues. The common goal is to increase awareness or “insight” into behaviours that may be harmful or destructive physically and/or emotionally. The Psychotherapist works with an individual to unravel the root of the problem being experienced. As an expert in human feelings, the Psychotherapist will listen, analyse and impart their knowledge to help the client face up to deep rooted behaviour patterns that no longer serve them, so that the client can move on with their life and become “unstuck”. In some cases listening devises are used to break old patterns such as the Biofeedback Technique, or Psychological Testing can be used, and in extreme cases medication is prescribed. Mostly however Psychotherapy is purely creating change by talking through problems and issues.

This is great for / symptom indicators:

Emotional Balance
Healing past trauma
Goal setting
Life Path Clarity Unlock life purpose
Dissect personal problems

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