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Personal Trainers

Personal Training is a service providing effective exercises plans catered to the individual’s needs. With knowledge in exercise science, nutrition, health screening and fitness assessment, Personal Trainers are trained to help you do more than simply work out; they provide instruction, motivation and guidance. It is also a great treatment to help rehabilitation from injury and certain diseases. Personal Trainers design specific, step-by-step programs for their clients that are intended to work into fitness gradually, without injury. Athletes use Personal Trainers to assist them with sport specific programs, as do advanced exercise participants who want to continue making gains beyond their training plateau. In each program, upper-body and lower-body strength training and stretching exercises are used as well as aerobic and core stability exercises. The client is taught the correct way to perform exercises and how to use various kinds of exercise equipment.

This is great for / symptom indicators:

Weight Management
Physical strength
Goal Setting
Pain Management
Transformational body moves

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