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palm reading

Palm Reading

Palmistry is form of divination practiced by various cultures, but its roots can be traced thousands of years back to Indian (Hindu) Astrologers. The various lines represent internal factors such as beliefs, past experiences and desires. All of these factors affect the path you are on and can be seen on your palms. Obstacles and events all have a purpose and a lesson to teach. This type of reading covers your life time as a whole, and karmic issues surrounding your past life as well. Your strong and weak points in your personality. Births and unions. Your career, relationship and financial outlooks throughout the various points in your life. Specific guidance in terms of health, and overall wellness can be given during a palm reading as well.

This is great for / symptom indicators:

Relationships Management
Emotional balance
Recurring dreams
Goal Settings
Spiritual growth
Increased sense of self-awareness

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