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Essential Oils Consultation

Aromatherapy Consultation and Custom Blending. Aromatherapy focuses on the use of essential oils to treat certain ailments of the mind, body and soul.

A major portion of aromatherapy depends on our sense of smell that makes use of our olfaction membrane. Immediately on smelling a fragrance, the olfaction membrane transports that message to your limbic system.

This limbic system is actually a part of our brain and is the seat of all our emotions. The power of the sense of smell is just amazing. Another route of absorption for essential oils that are used in aromatherapy is the skin. The skin is our largest receptor and whatever we put on it, gets absorbed into our bloodstream. Essential oils can serve dual purposes. While addressing a therapeutic concern you can address another emotional concern at the same time.

This is great for / symptom indicators:

Balances Hormones
Immune System
Increases Energy
Healthy Brain
Emotional Balance
Emotional release
Pain and body aches
Hearing Healing
Healthy Skin
Reduce Toxins

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