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Energy Cleanse for House / Business

Our houses can become sick just as our bodies can. They too become filled with non-beneficial energies.

Spiritual House Cleansing also be streams of noxious energies flowing through our house which can cause illness and dis-ease. All of our electrical appliances emit damaging energies. Emotions such as anger, depression, sadness, etc. can get caught in our homes, causing the people who live there to be depressed or to fight more.

Whether blessing a house or facilitating in the removal of negative, harmful energy, your home is left free of “unwanted guests” and you are given information to maintain the highest vibration that your house/home can hold. Your house can actually store emotions and energy.

This can make people feel very uncomfortable in your home. Have you ever had guest for an extended time and your home just didn’t feel right? Well you were experiencing the energetic imprint left behind by your guests. Your home should contain the energy of the occupants and occupants only. It is prudent to “cleanse” the energy of your home just as you would clean the physical home itself.

This is great for / symptom indicators:

Space Harmony
Relationship Management
Increase Energy
Increase Focus
Goal setting Creativity

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