Colonic Irrigation

A colonic is a holistic treatment that is the equivalent of giving your colon a deep cleansing bath. When accumulated waste and poisons are removed from your body its overall function significantly improves along with its capacity to heal from within. Over time, clients experience a strengthening of their immune system and therefore a lower incidence of illness. With repeat sessions the colon is strengthened and continues to increase in vitality. Additional benefits range from elevated physical and mental health, improved recovery time (for athletes and those after surgery), a balanced and improved: nervous system, respiratory system, circulatory system, skeletal system, a more grounded spirit, and the list goes on! Clients successfully address a wide variety of health ailments and a long list of afflictions ranging from the common cold, infertility, constipation, depression/anxiety, and migraines, to more serious life-threatening diseases such as tumors and cancer. The treatments last about 45 - 60 minutes and benefits include: increased energy, reduced inflammation, heightened senses, an overall sense of grounding and a true lightness of being, and heightened focus and mental clarity – to name just a handful. At The Springs we believe that colon hydrotherapy is the missing link to human health and we look forward to you discovering the wide variety of health benefits it supports.

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