Walaa AlMuhaiteeb

    The Pearl, Qatar

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    Walaa is a Certified Color Therapist, 200hr Certified Yoga instructor,Vocational Coach and Certified Color Time Consultant who has been in practice for over 4 years with clients from all around the globe. She is the founder of The Color Recipe. She is in a ground-breaking field as a color therapist and a yoga teacher. She discovered how to use color to overcome her fears and become her best self… revolutionary!
    Color me happy! She now uses color yoga and color meditation to inspire women live a colorful lifestyle; inspired, purposeful and extraordinary


    Color effects our emotions, self expression and all aspects of our lives, we are physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally transformed by the different energies of light. Color is very powerful. It is our map to navigate this beautiful world and connect back to nature.
    Transformation begins when you unite the mind, body and soul, having all of them working towards one goal: your abundance. Incorporating the ancient techniques of color therapy into your life will give you that extra boost in remembering who you truly are and connecting with your source of love.
    I believe in living a colorful lifestyle; inspired, purposeful and extraordinary and this is what I do for my clients.


    Color Therapy Diploma, Vocational Coach, Chakra healing, 200hr Yoga instructor, Color Consultation certificate

    Years In Practice

    5 years

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