Virginia Mason Richardson

    New York, New York, USA.

    • Writer
    • psychic healer
    • lifestyle coach.
    • I help women embrace their magic! I do this through completely customized, private mentorships designed to fully empower your magical gifts. I teach you how to embrace your deepest truths, harness your power and intuition, choose your most purposeful work, create nourishing boundaries, attract your ideal partner, & work your magic everyday.


    I am a writer, psychic healer, and lifestyle coach. I help you remember how free and powerful you are. I help you see that the universe isn't working against you, and I teach you how to work with the universe to create the life you want. I do this by helping you fully step into your power and embrace your magical gifts.
    Embracing my magic and my psychic gifts helped me heal three chronic illnesses and overcome major depression. It also gave me a tremendous sense of freedom and happiness and the ability to quite literally see people's deepest truths and understand their unique gifts. I've honed this ability over many years of study, training, and practice.
    I am a trained Reiki Master, astrologer, and scientist. I've conducted human behavioral evolution research with Dr. Frans de Waal at Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Atlanta, fought against the death penalty at the Center for International Human Rights in Chicago, received my 200 hour vinyasa yoga training from New Love City, completed the Maha Rose Reiki Healer Mentorship, and studied the Diamond Approach to self-inquiry with psychologist Dr. Patricia Simko. I now write regularly for and work with private clients to help them harness their intuitive powers.


    There is much more to life than we are taught, and we all have unique windows looking out onto reality. There is no right way. There is only your way. You are here to fully express that and share it with the world. I guide you there.


    • City Wellness Collective


    Bachelor of Arts - Vassar College, graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Reiki Healer Mentorship - Maha Rose Center for Alternative Healing, Reiki Master - private mentorship with Liza Fenster, Reiki II - private mentorship with Conor Valentino, Reiki I - Maha Rose Group Training with Sarah Bisceglie, 200 Hour Yoga Training - New Love City, Astrology Training - studied with Leslie Galbraith, Learning the Healing Business - private mentorship with Sarah Seely of Thai Brooklyn and Dan Keinan of City Wellness Collective, The Diamond Approach to Self-Inquiry - studied with psychologist Dr. Patricia Simko

    Years In Practice

    I've been practicing this work in some form my entire life, but I opened my full-time private practice in 2016.


    I write regularly for, including their weekend and monthly love horoscope column.

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