Villia de Koningh- Inayat-Khan

    Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

    • Soul Coach
    • Past Life Coach
    • Shamanic Healing Process Guide
    • Meditation Coach, Mindfulness Teacher
    • Master Oracle Card Reading Practitioner
    • Retreat Leader
    • Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner
    • Workshop Facilitator
    • Guided Group Inner Journeys
    • Spiritual Mentor


    My coaching is Inclusive, Experiential and Transformational experience, guiding you from a place of Frustration and confusion to a place of Freedom and Peace as you step back into your power.
    Consisting of individual coaching sessions using powerful techniques, from Mindfulness to Shamanic inner processes, we explore your relationship with yourself, and move beyond the blockages and into a positive flow, in any area of your life.
    Take a Sacred Journey to the depth of your soul to discover the truth about you. Results are tangible as your energy increases, and your life refocuses.
    Coaching wherever you are in the world, Coaching sessions can be face-to-face or on Skype, so wherever you maybe you have the opportunity to do make a positive change your life.
    Creating a safe sacred space for you to experience and achieve your optimum potential, so let’s connect and see how we can walk the journey together, assisting you to achieve your highest goals, embracing a more Holistic life.


    I am all about authenticity and reconnecting people to their authentic self. Being true to your Soul is the key to understanding your life’s purpose. Soul Coaching® offers a gentle, effective path to open the doors to within, to become receptive to the answers that we each hold within our own Souls. Through my Sufi roots, my own spiritual awakening and development began at the tender age of eight when I was first introduced to meditation and Sufi teachings by my Father which taught me that all answers lie within. I was blessed to have extensively travelled the World living in India, England, Spain and the Netherlands, among other places. During this period I studied many different disciplines and practice techniques which have led me to live and fully experience life. Working intuitively with the energies and techniques you will discover one that resonates with your soul, swiftly clearing blockages and bringing a fresh perspective to your life. Feel connected and supported increasing the happiness and joy in your life.


    • Soul Coaching International Institute


    Certified Soul Coach, Certified Past Life Coach, Certified Master Oracle Card Practitioner, Certified Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner, Mindfulness (MBSR) Teacher

    Years In Practice

    20+ years


    I also work as a Volunteer Coach for Empower Amsterdam and Minority Women's Groups

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