Veda Devi

    Sydney, Australia

    • Reiki master
    • IYS therapist in training
    • Meditation teacher
    • High Vibes Dj


    I am a healer who works with soul energy, sound frequency, crystals, yoga and meditation. I am still studying a lot but I will be holding my own classes and treatments at the end of this year. I have been focusing on becoming as clear a channel as I can be by cutting out anything that might block me from the pure divine wisdom available to all of us in order to help others and myself. I am an advocate for self healing, riding the body of impurities and of allowing. I have come from a life of drug an alcohol addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety and eating disorders and now I live an extremely full and happy life with thanks to my spiritual practices and daily work with the wisdoms of the 5 elements. Having lived majority of my life in hell and now know what its like to anchor heaven on earth I am working towards being a facilitator of the practices that helped me to get here so I can help others do the same.


    I believe we are all capable of anchoring heaven on earth. It is possible to be free and full. It just takes a little work to excavate the untruths we have been filled with as we grew up. Deflation of ego at depth is require to allow the sun light of the spirit in and it is available to all of us. When we are filled up with the light of truth and acceptance of life on life's terms we can flower and grow in gratitude and awe of the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis. I once only ever saw the bad, the pain and operated from fear; I now know what it's like to life a life of love, abundance, grace and unending gratitude.


    Crystal healing, Reiki Master, Marketing Diploma.

    Years In Practice

    1 Year

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