Vasco Daniel

    Lisbon, Portugal.

    • Integral Therapy (body and energetic)
    • Massage Healing
    • "Nine Star Ki" consultation / Teaching: Xiudao (Daoist Practices)
    • Qigong, Taiji, Daoyin
    • Meditation
    • Music Healing
    • Healing Arts
    • Daoist Cosmology
    • Wudang Martial Arts


    "The natural propensity to study and work in diverse fields, give him a comprehensive knowledge in the most varied disciplines.
    Graduated in Daoist practices, macrobiotics and computer engineering, he lived in different temples and travelled regularly around the world. At the age of twenty walked on embers after a PNL training. Starting also visiting regularly the desert and contacting the Tuareg people.
    In 2006 created an interactive program to teach history to impaired children and in the year after started a long degree in macrobiotics. In 2009 quit the job at a multinational computer firm, sold everything and went to live and train for some time at China.
    Learning directly with the Daoist master Du Song Feng and monks at Wudang Mountains. In 2013 raised a crowdfunding returning to the Five Immortals Temple to deepen is knowledge and practices. And along that year crossed several Asian countries to learn different healing arts with different masters. In 2016 started to develop infographics as a tool to provide comprehensive ways to teach lifestyle and health topics.
    We emphasize the zeal and mastery that he provides in the activities he carries out. As well the natural ability to clarify complex information and express it in simple and understandable ways."


    Growing is forever and a flow when we align with the natural way. Daoism has no founder and no founding date. It grew out of various traditions in ancient China, including shamanism, natural philosophers and hermitages. Its name and practices develop from the concept of Dao, commonly translated as "The Way". This is understood as the origin, pattern and substance of everything that exists.
    By tunning to the Dao, a spontaneous harmony rises, between nature and humanity. All Daoist practices set to cultivate and harmonize mind-body and spirit-emotion, growing the practitioner through the way.


    Daoist Practices (Qigong, Daoyin, Taiji, Longevity, Healing Arts, Daoist Cosmology, Martial Arts), Wudang Five Immortals Temple

    Years In Practice

    10 Years.

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