Vanessa Chakour

    Brooklyn, New York, USA.

    • Herbal Apprenticeships & courses
    • Rewilding Retreats at the Wolf Conservation Center, Costa Rica & Scotland
    • Reclaim The Wild Woman 5-week course
    • Sacred Warrior Training & Private Consultation


    Vanessa Chakour is a herbalist, artist, environmental activist, former pro boxer & empowerment trainer. Through her journey of healing and teaching she created Sacred Warrior, an integrated program and philosophy whose mission is to deepen relationship with ourselves and the living earth. Based in Brooklyn NY, Vanessa leads Sacred Warrior herbalism courses, plant walks, training programs and cultivates medicine gardens. She runs seasonal Rewilding retreats in Costa Rica, The Wolf Conservation Center and Scotland. For more visit 


    On Sacred Warrior Training (system I created)
    Through Sacred Warrior practice we cultivate our internal strength and increase vitality by attuning to nature. Martial arts meets herbal wellness in this powerful integrative practice developed by Sacred Warrior founder, Vanessa Chakour. Sacred Warrior Training brings together therapeutic movement, martial arts, mindfulness practice and herbalism into a singular experience that deepens your connection to your body and to the body of the Earth. 
    On Herbalism:
    Becoming re-acquainted with local, healing plants enhances vitality and connection to the land that surrounds us. Plants are our teachers and collaborators in healing. The Sacred Warrior approach to plant medicine engages our intuition and reminds us how to listen to, and learn from the language of nature. We use movement, meditation and creative exploration to move further into our innate wisdom, ability to listen and heal.
    On Wildlife Connection:
    Sacred Warrior works in partnership with wildlife and environmental organizations to build relationship with animals that share our ecosystem. These retreats raise funds and awareness for the species we spend time with, helping us to make an impact on the world from the inside out.


    • United Plant Savers
    • American Herbalists Guild


    Simon's Rock College of Bard, Herbal Apprenticeship training /ongoing extensive study in the US, Europe & Latin America, Professional Boxing Training, ISSA Personal Training & most of all my own journey of healing... life.... and learning from nature.

    Years In Practice

    20 years


    2 Rewilding Retreats in Costa Rica coming up in Jan/Feb
    Herbalism Apprenticeships starting in March
    Reclaim The Wild Woman courses launching in March (
    Wolf Retreats resuming in Spring
    Scotland retreat in June

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