Torrey Carlson

    Long Beach, California, USA.

    • Birth Doula Services
    • Placenta Encapsulation
    • Blessing Way Ceremonies
    • Baby Blessing Ceremonies
    • Womb Healing Sessions
    • Birth Prep Workshops


    Torrey came to energy healing through her journey as a Birth Doula. Seeing the power of the womb really deepened her gratitude for the Divine Feminine and brought her to the realization that healing starts in the womb. Through her developed fascination of birth, womb health, and the energetic properties that intertwine them, she became a certified Crystal Womb Healer. 
    She loves community and believes that it is imperative to our mental, physical, and emotional health which has lead her to holding space in through leading Sacred Circles - especially women's circles - throughout Southern California. 
    With several planets in her natal chart in Gemini, she is highly sensitive and adaptable to whatever the energy in the room calls for at the time, which she believes is the art behind her energetic healing process. Her techniques for womb healing involve guided meditation, communication therapy, space holding, breath work, use of crystal energy/ gridding, and sound healing. 
    She is excited to continue to create community, see life be born, and watch the world be healed by the womb.


    Torrey's philosophy is all about freedom. Positive experiences are achieved through freedom - freedom to choose how and where to give birth, freedom and space to heal one's self, freedom to be vulnerable and still be loved unconditionally. 


    • Carriage House Birth
    • LA Doula Project


    DONA Trained Birth Doula, Certified Crystal Womb Healer, Trained Placenta Encapsulator

    Years In Practice

    2 Years

    • Love and Light School of Energy Healing
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