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    Through a series of life events I came to fully understand the effect food has on our lives. I’m a live to eat type of girl, planning social events around food, planning my next meal even if it’s 10 am on a Tuesday. This was a difficult road to realize how food was hurting my body without obvious symptoms. It took the natural conception of my two children to finally prove it to me. I was unwell. Looking back now I can see the puffiness and acne in pictures. It was a struggle to go to work every day. I’ve been there. Changing my focus to what I can eat and what is nutritious has helped me tremendously. Through those changes and acceptance I was able to move on and my body was able to heal. After failed IVF and very discouraging feedback, within a year I was pregnant on my own. And then almost three years later it happened again. These are some of the events that led me to learn what is best for me to eat.
    I also became aware of just how many people out there are suffering. I became involved in Facebook communities. I followed the triumphs and pitfalls of people like me and you trying to figure out how to navigate our health. I learned and I wanted to learn more.
    One day, I realized that I was more capable of experiencing the joy of regular mundane life things than I had been before, when I was not as well. I want more of that Joy. I want to feel better and better. I want you to have more of that Joy.
    In 2016, while taking care of my 3 and my 5 year old, I completed the certification course to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Nutritional Therapy Association teaches a module based program building on the premise of good working digestion and providing your body with the nutrients it needs. They follow the work of Dr. Weston A Price. He traveled the world to study the native peoples and their traditional diets. His amazing body of work and conclusions are the basics of eating real food and properly preparing it so that we may benefit from it fully. When we get digestion working (most of us have some variation of struggle here), we will be able to absorb nutrients better. Those nutrients are the building blocks for all the complicated processes that our bodies enact every day, processes that include making neurotransmitters for feeling good or hormones to keep our reproductive system primed and all the building blocks of our immune system.
    I have recently become a Certified Gluten Practitioner through Dr. Tom O’Bryan’s certification program. This gives me access to research and tools to help my clients understand the impacts of gluten and autoimmunity.
    I realized that I was passionate about these topics and that I wanted to help everyone by sharing what I have learned and helping them navigate past the fad diets to real food. I feel called to do this.
    I believe that we will have more of what we need to blossom into a more joyful and healthful being by addressing those elemental components – the building blocks of our cells. These are fed by what we put into our bodies. So… I’m here to share real food with you!


    I believe when given the right building blocks, our bodies will do their best to recover health. I am here to support your health in regards to nutrition and also in regards to the journey. I love to troubleshoot and find solutions. I will always work towards helping you create and achieve your goals, including bringing in practitioners with other skills.


    • Nutritional Therapy Association


    Certified Nutritional Therapist, Nutritional Therapy Association, Certified Gluten Practitioner, Dr. Tom O'Bryan

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    I am currently offering Feed Your Fertile Body!TM course - a 5 or 6 week pre-conception nutrition course. Soon, I will also add a Feed Your Pregnant Body!TM course.

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