Tara Sheahan

    Carbondale, Colorado, USA.

    • Breathwork
    • Natural Nasal Breathing (deep abdominal parasympathetic techniques and holotropic breath work techniques) for total stress relief and relaxation, to shift out of obsessive thinking and rewire neuro-circuitry to live more fully in the present moment.
    • Healing modalities for chronic illness including Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, joint pain and athlete-related injury.
    • Guided Meditation to dissolve limited beliefs and perceptions and create a beautiful life from heightened intuition and inner wisdom, seeking only internal guidance. How thinking is the cause of suffering and all thinking is ‘self centric.’ Upholding self images, and perceptions borne from unawareness. Freedom comes from observing thoughts in action so they cannot make use of us.
    • Intuitively designed fitness programs that are playful, fun and build muscle, tone the body, and increase endurance quickly with lasting results.


    Former elite athlete + sports marketing + tv executive and Mom who raised a beautiful family. Transformed through a tick bite and Lyme disease. Healed through Indigenous alternative modalities, learned the art of inner listening, enrolled in One World Academy Wisdom Leadership School in India. Bringing breath work, meditation, simple curriculum to understand the nature of the mind/conditioning. Bring practices to the corporate world (eBay, Conscious Capitalism, JUMP Associates, Aspen Institute), nurses, doctors, students, and anyone who has the desire to live free of suffering. Ambassador for Indigenous wisdom understandings and returning lands and rights.
    Married to Scott Red Horse Barta, DaNakota and Ho Chunk (Indigenous of the Great Turtle Island) who teaches Indigenous wisdom and wellness through Tipi Ceremonies, Fasting on the Hill, Life Renewal Lodge, Thanking Sun and Moon, Water and Rock Ceremonies.


    Breathing correctly is the #1 way to find inner tranquility so this is my go-to practice. Entraining natural nasal breathing. I learned this trying out for the Winter Olympics in cross country skiing as a 45 year old, and nearly making the team. I got bit by a rattlesnake right before the trials!
    I helped launch a global research study with Deepak Chopra and Harvard Neuroscientist Dr Rudy Tanzi to measure benefits of meditation, right diet and body movement called ‘Self Directed Biological Transformation’ study so use science to help clients understand meditation. Research and understand breath work to deactivate sympathetic and activate parasympathetic nervous system responses.
    Am a fellow at One World Academy that teaches there are only two states of being. Suffering and not suffering. By observing thoughts in action, not changing thoughts, deeply observing how they became so engrained through unawareness, we can live more fully in a ‘beautiful state’ free from obsessive negative thinking and in the now.


    • Aspen Brain Institute Board Member


    Middlebury College, Middlebury Vermont Bachelors Degree 1978-82, One World Academy Student and Fellow, 2010-Present, Member United States Cross country National X-C Ski Team 1978-80, Member NCAA (formerly AIAW) Middlebury Ski Team collegiate champions 1978, 1980., First Middlebury College two sport All American in X-C Skiing and Running.

    Years In Practice

    9 Years

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