Marisse Gabrielle Reyes

    Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    • Shamanic H ealing
    • Shamanic Coaching
    • Space Clearing

    Amanda MacRae

    Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    • Somatic Practitioner
    • Movement and Meditation Facilitator
    • Group workshops and teachings - for schools and workplace wellness


    I am a healer at heart, and have come to find the most effective way to heal and free another is to teach the individual to learn how to access the innate healing qualities that exist within their own body.

    I grew up on the beaches just north of Sydney. As a teen and into my early 20s I was a competitive athlete, it was during this time when I first discovered the benefits of meditation and performance visualization. Fresh out of college I fell into a dream job a the local TV station where I was exposed to responsibilities beyond my years of work experience.  As a seeker of new things, I switched out of the news room and into the Sydney advertising industry where I worked my way up to become a Senior Executive. Much later, I would combine my production roots with my executive skills to help an Australian based production company establish themselves in the U.S. market. 

    In 2004, alongside of my corporate career described above, I began teaching meditation to small groups and individuals, while my clients were in this meditative and quite state I was able to attune to the needs of their bodies - it was at this point that I began intuitively working with bodies to bring about improved health or change in clients' lives.  After some time, I realized I needed to further develop a framework to protect myself in the process. Since then, I have traveled the world and studied different bodywork methodologies and meditation practices, and continue to follow my truest desire to seek out knowledge and experiences that I can bring to my working room to empower others.

    I've lived abroad for over a decade, and most recently we moved from Los Angeles to Amsterdam with my husband and our incredible teenagers.  I offer one-on-one sessions from a beautiful  practice on the Amstel and once a year I offer sessions in Sydney, Byron Bay, and  Los Angeles.  I am currently looking at ways in which I can share the benefits of my work within a group format, and am currently developing content for schools and workplaces.

    Helen Turner

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Health Coaching
    • Pilates Classes
    • Facial Acupuncture
    • Cupping
    • Massage
    • Physiotherapy

    Stacey Griffin

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Group Sound Baths
    • One on one sound therapy
    • Workplace Wellness
    • Mindfulness Training
    • Group Guided Meditation

    Villia de Koningh- Inayat-Khan

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Soul Coach
    • Past Life Coach
    • Shamanic Healing Process Guide
    • Meditation Coach, Mindfulness Teacher
    • Master Oracle Card Reading Practitioner
    • Retreat Leader
    • Elemental Space Clearing® Practitioner
    • Workshop Facilitator
    • Guided Group Inner Journeys
    • Spiritual Mentor

    Hanna Bier

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Family Constellation Therapy sessions
    • 13 Moon Archetypal Healing
    • Soulful Success Coaching

    Nicoletta Tavella

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Tarot
    • Numerology
    • Life Coaching

    Christiaan Maats

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Analytical therapy (Jungian psychology)
    • Professional coaching
    • Teaching (design)
    • Speaking (design, sustainability, psychology)
    • Brand concept development
    • Sustainable product design

    Nicola Cloherty

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Essential Oil Coaching
    • AromaTouch Certification
    • Marketing consulting
    • Mentorship and guidance
    • Personal Development Coaching

    Sara Doguelli

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Yoga classes
    • Yoga retreats
    • Yoga Workshops
    • Events planning, dance party organization

    Marianne J.E. van der Heijden

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Public speaker
    • Networker
    • Project starter
    • Writer
    • Critical mind
    • Knowledge broker

    Sim Sidhu

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Yoga vinyasa, hatha, yin, yin/yang and yoga nidra
    • Massage relaxing/stress relief massages and deep tissue massage
    • Reflexology

    Juno Burger

    Noordwijk, The Netherlands

    • RealEase Energy Work :: personal clearing sessions remotely worldwide and on site in Amsterdam and the Hague (the Netherlands)
    • Space clearing consults for houses and office buildings
    • Business clearings for businesses, staff and teams

    Angela Phillips

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Massage Therapy
    • Reiki
    • Sound Healing

    Alixe Van Ogtrop

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Shamanic Healing sessions
    • Reiki Tummo energy healing
    • Coaching
    • Women Circles
    • Moon Ceremonies
    • Cacao Ceremonies
    • Guided Meditations
    • Trance Journeys
    • 10 week courses to reconnect with your true Self

    Manu Van Poppel

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Ayahuasca ceremonies

    Isadora Caporali

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Life Coach
    • Soul Reading

    Daniel Maciejewski

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Yoga
    • Sound Healing

    Kate DeWitt

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • LUVI is a lifestyle brand consisting of LUVI Yoga (yoga classes and workshops), LUVI Pop Ups (lifestyle events and food events at the yoga studio), LUVI Food (simple, delicious recipes with interchangeable ingredients based on what you have on hand), LUVI Videos (LUVI Yoga on YouTube) and LUVI Retreats (yoga and lifestyle retreats)

    Helen Kuin

    Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    • Osteopathy
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