Tania Villegas

    Granada Hills, CA, United States.

    • Reiki, Crystal Healing, Yoga, Breath work and meditation

    Cassandra Gonzalez

    Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands.

    • health coaching.

    Caroline Wachsmuth

    San Franciscos, CA, USA.

    • Massage, aromatherapy, yoga, personal training, reiki.

    Sedef Culha

    Los Angeles, CA, United States.

    • Hypnotherapy
    • Transformational Coaching
    • Kambo Ceremonies.

    Renee Rotkopf

    New York, New York, United States.

    • Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Coaching, Transformational Branding

    Sandra Pfeifer

    Vienna, Vienna, Austria.

    • Reiki, Guided Visualizations, Shamanic Journeys, Shamanic Power Retrievals, Dreamwork

    Susanne Haces

    Dallas, Texas, USA.

    • Massage Therapy: Corporate Chair/Table Massage
    • Esalen® Massage, Hospice/End of Life Massage
    • Yomassage®
    • Watsu® Aquatic Therapy
    • 5Rhythms® Movement Meditation
    • Health Coach/Life Coach services

    Bunny Urick

    Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA.

    • Massage & Reiki

    Zachary Gallagher

    Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

    • Herbal medicine
    • Nutrition, Iridology
    • Functional pathology

    Shaun Ryan

    Los Angeles, California, US.

    • Energy Massage
    • Personal Training

    Kevin Isaac

    Tustin, California, United States.

    • Human Optimization Technique (H.O.T.)
    • Colon Optimization Technique (C.O.T.)

    Yohanna Mannelqvist

    Nösund, Sweden.

    • Yoga Classes
    • Wellness Coaching
    • Workshops
    • Events
    • Public Speaking
    • Corporate Wellness

    Julia Scott

    Edinburgh, London, UK.

    • Nutritionist
    • Wellness Advisor
    • Recipe Creator
    • Private Chef

    Lien Le

    Santa Monica, California, USA.

    • Stress/Emotional coaching

    Jennifer Hippensteel

    Ephrata, Pennsylvania, USA.

    • Reiki
    • Holistic Medicine

    Pablo Gomez Obregon

    Tulum, Quintana roo, Mexico.

    • Deep Relaxation
    • Energy Healing Massage

    Aude Ranoux

    Chicago, Illinois, United States.

    • Holistic Health
    • Lifestyle Coach

    Ashley Ramos

    Oakland, California, USA.

    • Usui Reiki
    • Yoga
    • Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga
    • Restorative Yoga

    Joslynn Adams

    Chicago, IL, USA.

    • Acupuncture
    • Herbal Medicine
    • Herbal Medicin
    • Life Coaching

    Rachel Harvest

    New York, NY, USA.

    • Registered dietitian, certified pilates mat and apparatus instructor and lifestyle coach. focus: clients seeking weight management, support with disordered eating, adolescent/young adult nutrition, pre/peri/post-natal nutrition, pediatric nutrition, oncology & gi disorders (primarily, ibs & ibd). Her typical clientele is the entrepreneurial/career-focused woman seeking balance.

    Aaron Slotkin

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Holistic Nutrition / Functional Nutrition / Clinical Nutrition
    • Functional laboratory testing (blood, stool, food sensitivities, micronutrient / organic acids, etc.)

    Sharon Shaw

    Homestead, Florida, USA.

    • Intuitive Tarot Guidance Counseling
    • Inner Sanctuary Training (Meditation Workshop)
    • Spiritual Art Workshop
    • Brazilian Light Energization Healing (Energy Healing)
    • Intuitive Development Workshop

    Gina Pierre

    Brooklyn, NY, USA.

    • Acupuncture
    • Massage
    • Reiki

    Monika Zampa

    Amsterdan, North Holland, Netherlands.

    • Energy Rebalancing
    • Healing & Trauma release
    • Life Coaching
    • Body work (massage)

    Aaron Alexander

    Santa Monica, CA, USA.

    • Self-Care & Movement Education

    Domenick Masiello

    New York, NY, USA.

    • Classical Homeopathy
    • Traditional Osteopathy including Cranial

    Linda Fredrick

    Homestead, FL, USA.

    • Wellness Coaching
    • Wellness and Recovery Action Planning
    • Trauma Recovery
    • Employee Wellness, Leadership & Retention Programs

    Jenna Furnari

    Santa Monica, CA, USA.

    • Ayurvedic Postpartum Care / Doula Services

    Nicole Ohebshalom

    Los Angeles, CA, USA.

    • Hormonal Health Consulting Supporting women with hormonal and fertility issues, such as PCOS, irregular cycles, endometriosis, fibroids, PMS, perimenopause, and infertility. The sessions include nutritional therapy, psychology tools and yoga/meditation.
    • Women's Psychotherapist Coaching Supporting women from complex PTSD to fertility and hormonal issues, new mothers, cultural acculturation and anxiety, depression and life stressors. It's in a coaching framework because I work with women internationally.

    Claudia Nanino

    Denver, CO, United States.

    • Breathwork
    • Crystals
    • Meditation
    • Yoga
    • Coaching

    Snohomish Brown

    Los Angeles, CA, USA.

    • Massage
    • Acupuncture
    • Chinese Herbal Medicine
    • Moxibustion
    • ElectroAcupuncture
    • Gua Sha
    • Cupping
    • Seven Star
    • Nutrition
    • Tai Chi
    • Qi Gong and Meditation

    Monique Gray

    Los Angeles, CA, USA.

    • Health Coaching , Workshop Facilitator, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Body wraps

    Dr. Dia Vickery

    Woodland Hills, CA, US.

    • Acupuncture

    Sonia Masocco

    Albuquerque, NM, US.

    • Ayurvedic Consultations
    • Clinical Herbalism
    • Lymphatic Drainage
    • Custom Capsule Formulations

    April Bullock

    Austin, TX, USA.

    • Integrative Family Medicine

    Marisol Kim

    San Francisco, California, USA.

    • Nutrition Consultation

    Ted Kostek

    Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

    • Reiki
    • Reiki With Crystals and Essential Oils
    • Reconnective Healing
    • The Emotion Code
    • The Body Code
    • FAR Infrared Amethyst Biomat
    • Animal Healing

    Erica Matluck

    New York, NY, USA.

    • Integrative medicine
    • Holistic coaching
    • Retreats

    Steven Becker


    • Dr. Becker specializes in treating sciatica, back pain, neck pain, headaches, TMJ and tailbone pain.

    Joy Dushey

    New York, NY, USA.

    • The Joyful Alchemy: Begins with Intuitive therapeutic talk and coaching tips for holistic integration, followed by an alchemical Breathwork with Reiki, touch and Sound healing for restoring.

    Frances O'Brien

    Tarzana, CA, USA.

    • Hypnotherapy
    • Emotional Freedom Technique
    • Stress Relief Techniques

    Kristine Reese

    San Diego, CA, United States.

    • Naturopathic Primary Care
    • IV Nutrient Infusions
    • Detox
    • Bio-Identical Hormones
    • Integrative Oncology

    Ashley Flores

    Chicago, IL, United States.

    • Acupuncture
    • Shiatsu Massage
    • Herbal Medicine

    Amy Kynoch

    Brooklyn, New York, USA.

    • Meditation
    • Breathwork
    • Kundalini Yoga

    Danielle Thornton

    Dallas, TX, US.

    • Transition Specialist , End of Life Doula, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Somatic Bodywork, 

    Aimée Derbes, DACM, LAc

    New York, NY, USA.

    • Acupuncture + Chinese Herbal Medicine; Breathwork; Healing Touch/Reiki

    Lorel "Sonny" Zaide

    Chicago, IL, United States.

    • Acupuncture
    • Cupping
    • Moxibustion
    • Clinical Qigong Energy Healing
    • Reiki
    • Distance Energy Healings
    • Qigong Instruction
    • Yijing/I-Ching Readings

    Lucie McGrane

    Brooklyn, New York, USA.

    • Physical Therapy
    • Massage Therapy
    • Chiropractics
    • Sports Rehabilitation
    • Dance Rehabilitation
    • Strength and Conditioning
    • Wellness events including yoga
    • paint therapy
    • music therapy

    Adam Lamb

    New York, NY, USA.

    • Full-body chiropractic for all ages

    Snow Xia

     New York, NY, US.

    • Acupuncture
    • Cupping
    • Eastern nutrition
    • Herbs

    Melanie Monaco

    Brooklyn, NY, USA.

    • Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Life Coaching, Yoga Instruction

    Marielle Kehoe

    Brooklyn, New York, United States.

    • Holistic Health Coach, Private chef

    Haley Sands

    Miami, Florida, USA.

    • Wellness Coaching

    Gudrun Welder

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    • Licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario Canada

    Alexandria Rae

    New York, NY, USA.

    • Yoga
    • Reiki
    • Integrative Therapy
    • Energy Balancing

    David Foster

    New York, NY, United States.

    • Acupuncture
    • Herbs
    • Tui-Na Massage
    • Cupping
    • Moxibustion
    • Nutritional Guidance
    • Qi Gong Instruction
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