Svenia Sauer

    Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

    • Bodywork Therapy


    I come from a small german village and many times a experienced solitude. Sometimes in good ways, when it helped me to focus and dive into things that I was interested, like playing and being outside exploring nature.But many times also in bad ways, when I felt isolated and missunderstood. So one of my main subjects and heart project is connection. Feeling connected, feeling safe and included with others.
    As a child untill my early twenties I worked with horses and enjoyed the partnership that you have in this work. Horses are very social, sensitive, funny and direct partners. You can learn a lot from them.
    In my mid twenties I changed to Bodywork, working with humans and learn together with them, about relationship, boundaries, needs and emotions.Every person is so unique and I really love to dedicate my time and attention to let people experience that they are safe, wanted, rooted and a miracle by itself.I'm convinced that unraveling all our disturbing and destructive believes and ideas from our true qualities and strengths will let us all find more freedom and happiness. Not only between people, but also towards nature and everything else that we are sharing our lives with.


    I think I would count myself from all the bigger beliefsystems to Buddhism and I also feel strongly connected to earth and nature. It nurtures us, teaches us and empowers us.
    The methodology that I learned is the Grinberg Method, which teaches in it's base body attention and how to relate to our bodies to deal with life. In our society we many times ask our mind. How to deal with anger, fear, pain, illness and many other things that we can solve or relax with much easier, if we experience, instead of thinking about it.


    Heilpraktiker, Qualified Grinberg Method Practitioner, Qualified Pantarei Approach Practitioner, Thaimassage I, Thaimassage II, Osteothai, Myofascial Release (basic, lower limbs, fascia as sensory organ)

    Years In Practice

    6 Years.

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