Suzy Daren

    Brooklyn, New York, USA.

    • Yoga
    • Psychotherapy


    My professional path began unknowingly at a young age when my internal suffering was completely at odds with the “happy” family life that I was born into. At 14, I made a promise to myself to understand and overcome my suffering and then help others to do the same. In 2001, after a good decade of poor choices (and an undergraduate degree in psychology), I attended a 30-day, intensive yoga teacher training. For the first time, through classical Hatha yoga practices, I was able to contact the truth of my life and admit the intensity of my mind and emotions. In 2003 I delved into deeper studies of yoga, Ayurveda and nondual approaches to holistic therapies. For the next 8 years, I continued to heal, work, study, teach yoga and complete a Master’s degree in counseling psychology. Since 2008, I have worked in private practice, counseling a diverse population of individuals, couples and families, helping to quicken their authenticity, self-acceptance and ultimate mental balance and peace. It is my most sincere desire that all beings be free.


    A healthy mind is an organic consequence of a balanced life. When the mind is functioning at its best we feel inspired, creative, content and at peace with the world and our place within it. We are able to host a myriad of emotions without feeling overwhelmed, succeed at our daily tasks and activities and have deep, meaningful and lasting relationships. We find the psychic space to dream and reach our full and limitless potentials, far beyond what our rational minds can envision. In its balanced state, the mind becomes an ally and trusted servant. Yoga Psychotherapy takes a unique approach to therapy by utilizing yogic and Ayurvedic tools that can and do bring each person back into a purposeful and productive relationship with their natural and wisest selves. Since insight alone does not typically change behavior, body and energy based practices enhance traditional talk therapy, which result in real and lasting change.


    • American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (#00982)
    • Internations Association of Yoga Therapists (#43050756)


    Master's in Counseling Psychology - John F. Kennedy University, Bsc Honors in Psychology and Religion - University of Toronto

    Years In Practice

    10 years

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