Suzanne Toro

    Long Beach, CA, USA.

    • Sound Massage & Healing
    • Sound, Plant & Aromatherapy
    • Tibetan Foot Treatment
    • Hot Stone, Aromatherapy & Sound Massage
    • Create Space (Clearing & Balancing of Physical Space)
    • Entity Removal, Dream Reading and Guidance
    • Food Alchemy (Lifestyle, Nutrition & Cooking)
    • Post-Partum and/or Pregnancy
    • End of Life Individual/Family Support
    • Ceremonies Full LifeCycle, Meditation, Yoga, Way of Tea and Cocoa Ceremonies


    Suzanne Toro is an Author, Yoga, Wellness & Food Alchemy Educator, Radio Broadcaster and Sound Therapist. Suzanne has 25 years of business, education, design and wellness experience. She is skilled at empowering individuals and groups to transform their relationship with self and others. She is passionate about teaching her clients and listeners how to cultivate a way of life that will support balance, inner peace and success. She assists her clients in moving through life transitions that include birth, life and death.
    Suzanne leads national and international workshops/retreats and teaches to diverse audiences ranging from the Business World to remote Jungle settings. During these sessions, she teaches her clients how to improve communication, maintain well-being and become a self-reliant, team player. In addition, she assists her clients in actualizing their vision by creating a strategy that identifies the tools, team members and the map needed to achieve their goals. She is an an Educator in the following areas: Meditation, Birth|Life|Death, Inner Wellness ~ Therapist: Sound, Energy & Human Psychology ~ Food Alchemy ~Self-Empowerment
    Projects Suzanne Created and/or Contributed to: Author of Bare Naked Bliss, BeSimply Radio Producer, Apl Foundation, Jeepney Music with Apl de Ap of the Black Eyed Peas, Chopra Center New York Educator and Media Development, ProjectReel Television Pilot Producer, Co-Host of JoyScore Inc and Principal Partner of a Marketing and Promotional Development Company (Client base of Fortune 100 and 500 Companies)


    I offer my services with integrity and attention to the individual and/or group I am working with. My focus is to retain the individual back to their natural state harmony. I use sound in all my sessions, retreats and teachings. My guiding in codes of conduct are rooted from my Tibetan Empowerments, The 8 Limbs of Yoga, The Hopi Way and the Way of Tea.
    I offer sound from my heart, voice (throat), the keys (piano), flute, bowls, bells, drums, rattles and other instruments that have been lead to me. The use of sound to heal, clear energy, transform, call in the next, empty the mid and remove obstacles has been (and still is) an indigenous practice within many cultures all over the world. There are tribes that mindfully uses sound to help their community to stay in peace, harmony and equanimity. My soul lineage runs through traditions from all over the world. I would describe myself as an Indian from 7 different directions. The sounds and teachings have followed her through many lifetimes (as have the elders that she works with). I have and continue to work with elders from Maya, Hopi, Tibet, India, Hawaii and the Amazon. I hold my work with the intentions of purity, authenticity and keep a clear heart and mind. I am in a daily practice to remain and continue to become a purer channel for every sound transmission that I give in each session. This includes: births, deaths, ceremonies, workshops and retreats.


    • Yoga Alliance


    Bachelor of Science from the College of Architecture and Environmental Design from Arizona State University, Trained and Certified in Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda (Journey into Health), Theta Healing and Reiki. Tibetan Empowerments and Practices. Trained by last traditional elders from Tibet, HopiNation, Guatemala, Peru, Taiwan and India.
    Wellness Skills, Education and Studies: Ayurveda System, Yoga and Meditation with Dr. Deepak Chopra, MD and Dr. David Simon, MD ~ 22 years of Yoga studies Hatha, Iyenger and Asthanga ~ 26 years of self studies in the areas of Nutrition, Body Mechanics and Mind, Body & Spirit ~ Beat the Odds Program with Dr. Mariusz Wirga, MD ~ Infant, Children and Adult Instructor: Meditation, Yoga, Inner Wellness, Play, Art, Swim, Running, Water Aerobics ~ Bradley Birthing Method ~ Way of Tea with Tea Master WuDe ~ Thai Massage and Yoga Studies with Saul David Raye ~ 28 years Culinary practice, Food Alchemy and global food studies via cooking, travel, research and entertainment ~ Theta Healing ~ First Aide ~ American Red Cross Water and Life Safety Instructor ~ Mother of Two Children ~ Indigenous Studies: Hopi, Mayan, Andean, Tibetan, Hawaiian, Indian and Philippines ~ Medical Intuitive ~ Women and Children Circles.
    *Certificates are packed way away. Chopra Center Primordial Sound Meditation and Journey Into Healing ~ Ayurveda, Theta and Reiki Healing by Tamara Messenger

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    18 Years

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