Surya Rose

    Cooks Hill, NSW, Australia

    • Soundbath
    • Personal Sound Healings
    • Ignite Your Spirit Therapy Energy Healings
    • Meditation facilitator


    Around 8 years ago I was introduced to meditation at Shanti Mission, which I had not done before but it was something that I had thought about for a long time. Meditation had quite quickly reduced a lot of stress that I had in my life and brought deep transformation. I saw the results that meditation and getting regular healings had on my physical and emotional wellbeing, so I decided to do study to become a therapist.
    I am now invited to sing at regular Kirtan events, retreats, Satsangs (Community Meditation) and meditations around Australia and overseas. I am currently running my own Soundbath where I connect with the angelic realms through sound and meditation and I co-facilitate a Soundbath with a didgeridoo and flute player, who is also an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist. I have been trained and initiated to use energy (Nada Shakti) through my voice/sound to bring deep healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
    I also run regular meditations at my part time job (Suncorp) and it has been quite successful. We are in discussions at this time about looking at mental illness in the workplace and how meditation can reduce the symptoms. Studies have been done through Project Hope (A project run by therapists within Shanti Mission) where clients were able to get seven free IYS healings if they were able to get proof from their doctor that they had depression. In most cases their symptoms were resolved within 4 healings.


    • Registered through IICT ~ Ignite Your Spirit Therapy
    • Shanti Mission Harmony Centres ~ Ignite Your Spirit Therapy


    Ignite Your Spirit Therapy (Registered, insured and practicing) ~ Shanti Mission Harmony Centres, Diploma Business ~ Careers Australia, Diploma Management ~ Careers Australia

    Years In Practice

    6 Years

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