Sunil Kalwani

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Reiki
    • Reflexology
    • Tantric Healing
    •  Empathic readings


    I sit at the intersection of a multitude of lifestyles, with expertise in storytelling and the arts, digital experiences and technology, philosophy and research, along with business development and project management. But, despite all the skills I spent endless hours refining, and all the accomplishments I busted my ass off to achieve, something inside was off--I wasn't happy and I didn't know why. And so I asked myself, "where is happiness?", which took my on the road to self-acceptance. Little did I know, as I started to identify less with what I do, I discovered who I am. My spiritual path was the same as all spiritual paths--a journey back home, to Self. Once I realized that initial road lead me back to the beginning, albeit with an entirely new perspective, I sat. And sunk deeper and deeper into knowing myself. I'm still sitting, and after all that sitting with myself, I can tell you, I still know nothing. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


    I know nothing. I have no answers for you. If you look for an answer from me, I will point you back to your true guru. The one within you.
    And to know what that guru is telling you, you have to embody your experiences. I can only teach from my own experience, and I ask others to do the same. To be here. So that they can teach all of us about their embodied learnings. 
    I say words, and words are nice--but they're really just a form. What matters is the energy behind the form.


    CTE2 Source School of Tantra, Usui Reiki Level 1, Healing Breath Certification

    Years In Practice

    1 Year if we're being technical. This is more incorporated into how I live. So it's hard to say exactly. I don't really consider my approach something I do, but rather who I am. It's embodied experience. It's like the difference between having to wear a shirt to keep warm in the winter to having fur.

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