Stephanie Bosco

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Holistic Health coaching
    • Nutrition support
    • Positive life coaching
    • Personal chef


    Namaste friends. I am Stephie and I am here for you. I am a certified health coach and it is my passion to make a change in others health.
    I know eating well works because, I myself, was able to become free of depression medication and antibiotics, from constantly being ill. Most of my early years, I was chronically sick and I remember the exact moment that I thought, "I realize and accept that I will always be sick with bronchitis, sinus issues, and ear infections." I had no idea that I could heal myself internally in order to put all my other ailments to rest. Almost by accident, going vegan fell into my lap.
    Someone recommended I try going vegan, so I did a 3 month vegan challenge with my brother, who had recently been admitted into to the psych ward. After the three months of being Plant Based, I realized not only how much more energy I had, but also felt so much better. I began on a journey that I had no idea would lead me to the place that I am at today.
    I am so passionate about eating plant based and that it works, that I decided to devote my time to serving and helping others live more healthy lifestyles. I can help you heal in a positive light. With all judgement aside, together, as a support system, we can do this.


    We are all individually unique. We all have different ways in life that work for us. I believe we can heal through eating whole plant based foods.
    I teach and help healing through relating to others individually and developing a relationship with them, so that I may tailor a program to fit the individuals needs.


    AFPA Holistic Certification, 200 RYT Yoga Alliance, SunCafe Organic chef intern.

    Years In Practice

    1 Year. 

    Latest news

    I just finished recording a guest appearance on the "Guac & Talk" Podcast: Episode #3. I also just got accepted to teach a healthy breakfast class at LIB (lightning in a bottle- yoga, music, and arts festival). 

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