Sofia Ferreira

    Sintra, Lisboa, Portugal

    • Fasciatherapy- Danis Bois Method
    • Conscious Movement and Dance Facilitator
    • Quantum Healing
    • Past Life Regressions
    • Mexican Plant Limpias
    • Vibrational Elixirs Consultations
    • workshops and retreats


    My first degree was in Art History (2000), and I still worked for art galleries before investing all my energy in a research that took me to Mexico a year after. Living creatively was something that I always felt like a spiritual need- the maximum expression of the power within us-, but it was exactly during this journey that this internal life was reawakened and I took the conscious decision of having a more active role in the continuous process of creative evolution of human beings like me. So, in 2002 I decided to abandon what I was doing in Mexico and, after traveling in Central and North America for some more months, I returned to Portugal (2003) and started directing art workshops for children while diving in other transformative learnings.
    The base of these workshops was Movement and Body Consciousness, something that I had been experiencing for some time with different teachers from all over the world: Butoh (Christine Chu, Ko Morubushi, Marie-Gabrielle Rotie), Contact-improvisation (Howard Sonnenklar, Peter Michael Dietz, Dieter Heitkemp), Indian dance (Geo Legorreta, Tarikavalli), Contemporary Movement (Ludger Lamers, Amélia Bentes), and most of all Yoga (Escuela de La Ferriere del D.F., Atul Mulji), and Tai Chi (Master Chang), besides Performance and other parallel practices.
    It was then that I also started collaborating with a circus company as a storyteller, with a Puppeteer Company as movement director and writer and with a Dance Company as a dancer and co-creator, with whom I was creating projects untill 2017.
    While in Portugal I certified in Fasciatherapy and Somathology- Danis Bois Method with Danis Bois humself, a French osteopath who understood that there was a movement inside the body that is our force of self-healing, and I also studied plant Alchemy (Spaegyria), with one of the last true alchimists.
    Later on (2008), I returned to live in the Mexican Caribbean (Tulum), where I started passing my teachings to adults in Mayatulum Center and studied at the Holistic Maya Institute “Traditional Medicines”.
    Now I'am committed with teaching a combination of dance and consciousness with the subtle approach of the sensorial and somatic movement and also passing on the information about the YONAH Vibrational Elixirs that I created. I conduct workshops, intensive retreats and courses besides regular classes, and I also give in person or at distance consultations on the elixirs, I prepare stock concentrate bottles for other therapists, and give private bodywork sessions.


    “All moving is from the mover. Every pull draws us to the Ocean. Let the beauty we love keep turning into action, transmuting to another another. Anything you grab hold of on the bank breaks with the river’s pressure. When you do things from your soul, the river itself moves through you.”*Rumi*


    Certified in Fasciatherapy and Somathology- Danis Bois Method (Lisbon University), Certified in Traditional Medicines (Mayan Holistic Institut, Playa del Carmen), Spagirics & Alchemy (Mafra, Portugal)

    Years In Practice

    15 years

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    She gives regular classes of Energetic Practices and Dance in Sintra and Tomar and Vibrational Essencies Courses

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