Snohomish Brown

    Los Angeles, CA, USA.

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    • Chinese Herbal Medicine
    • Moxibustion
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    I am a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with my practice based in Los Angeles since 2013. I started out as a massage therapist in Washington State ten years prior to that and became expert at myofascia release and lymphatic drainage. My skills in treating orthopedic issues came easily and I grew my specialties to include treating internal medicine as well as anxiety and depression. I studied how to treat mental emotional disorders with Dr. Joseph Yang using ancient techniques from the Chinese Classics. My clinical work has brought recognition to my efforts in this area and I have since published a case study in a peer reviewed journal. Now I serve as the Clinical Director in the American Institute of Mental Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine and as an Executive Council Member of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies Special Committee of Mental Diseases. I am also the Assistant Clinical Director at the Yo San University Student Clinic. I look forward to performing more clinical research and sharing the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine with as many people as possible to address many of the problems facing society today.


    I am here to help my patients find balanced health, free from pain. I also want to be regarded as a fount of wisdom and knowledge for my students and patients. I enjoy teaching in the clinic and educating health care practitioners from all backgrounds about how Chinese Medicine works to affect the body, mind, and spirit. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based upon empirical scientific methods which draw upon Taoist Philosophy and observations of natural cycles in the Heavens, Earth, and Mankind. I do my best to incorporate into my teaching style a balanced spirit of careful inquiry to lead us to an accurate understanding of Health and Wellness. I welcome questions and discussions about how Chinese Medicine works and love to explore this topic in conversation endlessly.


    • American Acupuncture Council
    • National Association of Massage Therapist


    Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine / Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (San Diego) 2018, Masters of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine / Yo San University of TCM (Los Angeles) 2013, Massage Program Certificate of Completion (800 hrs) / formerly Ashmead; now Everest College (Seattle) 2003, Bachelor's of Arts in Anthropology and Minor in Psychology / Washington State University (Pullman) 1998

    Years In Practice

    Since 2003; 16 years

    Latest News

    I'm excited to be offering services again this year at local festivals in Southern California: Desert Hearts, Lighting in a Bottle, and Joshua Tree Music Festival!

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