Sim Ubhi

    Birmingham, United Kingdom

    • Reiki Master
    • Reiki - EMMETT Technique.
    • EFT
    • Mediumship
    • Nutrition Consultant


    Old souled Indigo with a desire to help heal the collective consciousness. 


    I believe everything the mind is going through manifests in the body, and vice versa.... I think we have a warped view of pain and dis-ease. We treat the symptom (what happens to the body) and not the cause (what happens in the mind) - this is the problem. The rise in disease and health misalignment correlates with the rise in FAKE AND PROCESSED, bacteria ridden, nutrition-less CRAP ("food")! So yes, diet is the main factor in our HEALTH and WELLBEING (and in turn our body and mind), but we also need to keep our ENERGY RIGHT AND LIGHT! After all, science says everything is energy, just vibrating atoms waiting for the observer to pay it attention so it can live.... anyway, before I go off on a tangent... if everything is energy, we are energy, and we are effected by energy, and by the laws of the universe HIGH, CLEAN AND LIGHT energy will ATTRACT LIGHT, AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL moments in life.
    It doesn't hurt to TUNE IN to your mind-body-soul-energy-aura-connection and CLEANSE ALL THAT LIFETIME SHXT OUT OF YOUR ETHERIC TUBE AND CHAKRAS....... Reiki.... Yes heal the body but IN TURN heal the MIND... it really does move energy blockages and traumas from the mind-body, the energy traveling through the etheric tube, through me, to you does nothing except heal us and therefore contribute to the healing of the earth.... happy healing soul tribe <3


    Psychology BSc Hons, Counseling Level 3, 8 Week Mindfulness Course, Emmett Technique

    Years In Practice

    I have been in touch with my psychic and healing abilities since i was about 13 years old (24 now).
    I passed 8 week mindfulness in 2012, and have been leading Vipassana Meditation for 3 years.
    I am Reiki trained for 2 years gaining my Master in January this year.


    I love art and have been exhibiting for a couple of years now.
    I go to psychic events and practice reiki on clients and customers
    I am currently writing material for a blog i am due to start in the next couple of months

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