Sim Sidhu

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    • Yoga vinyasa, hatha, yin, yin/yang and yoga nidra
    • Massage relaxing/stress relief massages and deep tissue massage
    • Reflexology


    I slowly fell in love with yoga when I started practicing yoga in 2013. I have practiced Hot Yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin yoga ever since. It took me a while to realise what yoga did for me and how much I practiced. I grew a bigger back bone, I breathe better than ever before, I quit smoking and other unhealthy habits, I am more positive and I am more me than ever before. I want to spread the goodness of yoga to those who are interested. It's not just a physical workout, for me it has become my life and I am very gratful fr it. The first teacher training (TT) was started, because I wanted to know more about yoga. I never had the intention of actually teaching it, but I started teach soon after finishing this TT. The second TT was done, because I wanted the experience of 4 weeks intense yoga practice. The third one was started, because I wanted to teach Yin yoga, because it is a very good counterbalance for the active styles of yoga.


    'You don't use the body to get into the pose, you use the pose to get into the body' is 1 of my favorite quotes when it comes to yoga. Every *body* is different as well, so 10 ppl might do the same pose, but all bodies might look different. I love to teach from this principle and from the principle of 'sukham stieram'. This is about finding comfort in every pose. We tend to go for at least the full 100% every day, all day. I like to remind ppl in my classes that it's ok to go for comfort, to relax a little. Another principle I use is the one of 'objective observation'. Observing without any opinion, without any judgement. neither towards others, nor towards yourself. Train this behaviour and one day you might be able to step off your mat and take this behaviour with you ♥
    Also I remind the students to breathe during the whole class.


    Vinyasa 200 hour TT RYT at YogaGarden, Amsterdam, Hatha 200 hour YAI in Leh, Ladakh, India, Yin 50 hour RYT at YogaGarden, Amsterdam, Yoga Nidra at Mangalam, Amsterdam

    Years In Practice

    4 years


    In 2018 I will not only be self employed when it comes to teaching yoga, but also concerning massages. This means more freedom when it comes to giving massages concerning the time I spend on a massage and I can personalize the massage style according to the wishes of my clients.

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