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    New York, New York, USA.

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    Shlomete Yoo, the founder of TarotMama, is an intuitive healer who incorporates Tarot, Shamanic Reiki, and Spirit guidance into her practice. She is the descendant of a long line of healers and teachers, both in this life and past lives. She facilitates private and group healing sessions, as well as lessons and events in her hometown of New York City. She also offers home, office, and business energy clearings and blessings to transmute and re-balance energies for health, happiness, and abundance. Her background is in special education and mental health counseling, and she has taught and counseled clients across the life spectrum.


    Having experienced the profound healing power of Tarot, Reiki, and Spirit guidance first-hand, it is my mission to help others learn how to use these beautiful sacred tools to heal themselves in body, mind, and spirit. I am a space-holder for anyone who wishes to go beyond the mundane, find healing, and explore their soul’s purpose. I believe that our souls live more than one life, and that we return to Earth school with blueprints designed to help us evolve and learn soul-lessons. All of my work is informed by my relationship with my guides and an understanding of the elemental energies at play in our lives. Mine is an Earth-based philosophy inherited through my Taino, Greek, and Jewish Mystic roots.
    I believe that the archetypes of Tarot cards function much like a mirror, or a telescope, or a microscope; they merely show us what is already there, but that we couldn’t see for some reason. They can help us to self-diagnose mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dis-eases and can support us as we make decisions about the way forward. They’re also an excellent method of communication with our guides, and often I simply serve as a translator. I infuse all of my readings with Reiki (Universal Healing) energy.
    Reiki is known to aid in rebalancing the mind, emotions, spirit, and even the physical body. It’s a gentle, calming, hands-on technique that lowers stress and allows you to receive healing energy wherever you need it most. All you have to do to receive Reiki during a session is to open yourself to it and allow the healing to take place, while I channel whatever healing energy you may need. Reiki flows where it needs to flow, promotes overall harmony, and can only help, never harm. I incorporate Tarot, Oracle, crystals, scent, and sound into my sessions as guided.
    Just like our beings, our homes, offices, and businesses can also benefit from energy healing. The stresses of moving, separation, divorce, arguments, illness, empty nests, crowds, buying, selling, renovation, birth, death, crime, a new business venture/job, or change of leadership not only affects our vibration but the vibration of the spaces we inhabit. However, this negative energy can be transmuted, blocks can be released, and elemental imbalances can be re-balanced to promote optimal health, happiness, and abundance for all occupants. It’s especially effective when trying to sell a property! I use a combination of Tarot, Shamanic Reiki, and Feng Shui for this work, and it often incorporates some combination of sound, flowers, crystals, candles, herbs, salts, water, and smudging with incense, herbs, woods, or resins. The blessing or clearing ritual is custom designed on a case-by-case basis. Once the positive flow of energy has been restored to a space, the possibilities are endless!
    Please contact me if you’d like to discuss any of these healing modalities further.


    Usui & Tera Mai Sechem Reiki 2 (Reiki Masters: Nicole Adriana Casanova & Cathy Towle), New York State Certified Literacy Specialist Special Educator, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology-Sociology 1995, Wesleyan University, Master of Science in Childhood Education 2009, Hunter College, Master of Arts Reading Specialist 2010, Teachers College – Columbia University

    Years In Practice

    24 Years.

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    Monthly Full Moon  Reiki-Infused Tarot Readings at The Alchemist's Kitchen in NYC at their "Mystics, Magic, and Divination: A Full Moon Gathering." 

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