Shirley Scott

    IMNAHA, Oregon, USA.

    • Animal and human readings


    I teach people how to empower themselves to start living happier, less stressful lives by seeing the truth about who they are. Readings on humans can include anything from relationships to health, family or just wanting to know why things aren't working out the way they want them too. I believe in helping people help themselves.
    Readings with animals are great. I’m able to communicate with them on their level. This allows me to communicate their feelings to their owners so they have a better understanding of the pets actions or moods. I’m also able to help with health issues of animals.


    My continuous study of universal laws and energy, working with bodies and souls, keep me in tune to each individual client.
    Extensive experience sets my readings and coaching apart - my client success stories reflect my ability to, time after time, help clients to achieve their goals and find a renewed enthusiasm for life.
    I receive my messages from my spirit guides and angels and other helpers.


    I went to CDM in Portland, Oregon and then have studies under many teachers and masters. I now do my own workshops and teach animal communication and help people learn how to become more joyful and peaceful in their lives.

    Years In Practice

    Over 20 years

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