Sharon Shaw

    Homestead, Florida, USA.

    • Intuitive Tarot Guidance Counseling
    • Inner Sanctuary Training (Meditation Workshop)
    • Spiritual Art Workshop
    • Brazilian Light Energization Healing (Energy Healing)
    • Intuitive Development Workshop


    As a visionary my gifts will assist you in reawakening to your greatness and to fall in love with the beauty of your own spirit.
    As an evolving Master I Am a truth seeker and a truth speaker who’s gifts of spirit have/are assisting many on their spiritual path.
    Merging Spirit was founded by in 2007. Merging Spirit teaches and offers a variety of classes, workshops, relationship building tools and various healing treatments, which are based on universal laws and spiritual principles.
    My offerings are designed to facilitate and support Personal Development and Spiritual Evolution.


    I have had extensive training in metaphysical and spiritual studies and have developed spiritual vision and inner sense to a high degree. So helping another on their journey of self discovery is my specialty! One on one, or in a group setting is my teaching method.
    I have the ability to attuned to your energy and spiritual abilities and offer valuable guidance and direction to help you over and around any obstacle on your path.


    • Member of the Church of Wisdom
    • Atlanta GA


    Rev. Sharon Shaw-MhD. Is a graduate of Delphi Spiritual University in McCayesville GA., Doctor of Metaphysical Healing, Bachelor of Arts of Transpersonal and Psychospiritual Art, Holistic Health Practitioner, Kundalini Light Energization Healer, Medical Intuitive, Inner Sanctuary Instructor,Ordained Non-Denominational Interfaith Minister

    Years In Practice

    December 2012

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