Shannon Kobes

    Los Angeles, CA, USA.

    • Akashic Record Reading
    • Energy Healing/ Reiki
    • Life Coach


    Shannon grew up with a magical mother; she learned how to clear her own energy before she learned how to drive. However, afraid of being judged, she shut down her intuitive abilities. Instead, she went on to complete a double Masters in Cognitive and Social Psychology and four years of PhD in Community Psychology (ABD). During this time, the depression and anxiety became so overwhelming that life redirected her back towards her roots and engery healing. Shannon is a Certified Advanced Akashic Record Practitioner, with over 50 hours of in-person training with Hay House Author Dr. Linda Howe and Helen Vonderheide, and she's also the founder of the Los Angeles Akashic Records Meetup Group. She spent years honing her Reiki practice to become a Reiki Master Teacher, training in-person for all levels of Reiki with Hay House Author Marisa Moris. In addition, Shannon is also an Associate Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming certified by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Overall, she's taken a ton of other trainings, because she tends to intellectualize the crap out of everything.


    You are whole and perfect just as you are. That all the answers one seeks, can be found inside. All the healing that is sought, can be performed by oneself. Shannon's role is just that of your Spiritual BFF or your Spiritual Cheerleader- helping you reconnect and remember your truth. Her goal is to support you in becoming more in alignment with the level of awareness your soul intended.


    • American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming


    Completed 4yrs of PhD in Community Ecological Psychology (All But Disseration) from Michigan State University, Double MA in Cognitive and Social Psychology from Ball State University, BA in Psychology from Wayne State College

    Years In Practice

    8+ years

    Latest News

    I am also the funder of the Los Angeles Akashic Record Meetup. Please check us out for monthly Akashic Record Meditations and Group Readings
    I also partner with SoundBath Haven and perform Akashic Record Sound Baths. Contact me for more information.

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