Sergio C. Muñoz

    Laguna Beach, California

    • Angel Investment and Software Partnership


    Sergio C. Muñoz is an angel investor for the conscious community. In 2017, his team drafted $14.7M in term sheets for pre-revenue startups and conceptualized an angel boot camp for high net worth individuals in the Latin American community hemisphere-wide. He was tapped by the City of Los Angeles via the Mayor's office and the Annenberg Foundation to join a task force for providing access to capital to entrepreneurs. Mission: "We need to create a culture within the LA tech and VC ecosystem to make equity, opportunity and social impact a pillar of its success."
    He has published ten books and one radio broadcast in its seventh year of production. He has spoken at over thirty community institutions including the General Consulate of México in Los Angeles and LACMA. His most recent engagement was for GoTYM (Training Yoga and Massage) at UCI's The Cove. He is on the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Venture Association (LAVA), Help Share the Word (501C3) and Radical Disruptors (501C3) and is an advisor for various woman owned startups and a successful rock and roll band. 
    He is the founder of 13 startups. Most of which are focused around the promotion of contemporary Latin American culture in the US. The three dominant startups active presently are:
    Stemchain:A division of 8Stem producing a talent contest to scout for undiscovered musicians.
    See video to understand scope:  

    Aztlán: A mixed reality game uncovering the truth about the last 500 years in the American hemisphere between the indigenous cultures and the Europeans.
    Information Sheet:

    MXCNAS: A cookbook featuring 25 extraordinary chefs in Baja Norte. Informaton Deck:


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