Serap Kara

    Berlin, Germany

    • Cacao Ceremony & Meditation
    • Workshops & Retreats
    • Earth School Facilitator Trainings
    • Private Tuition & One-on-one Training
    • Energetic Healing


    Serap is the founder of Cacao Mama & Earth School, a healing enterprise to honor the Medicine of the Earth. She is an Earth speaker, traveller, healer, student of the inner gold path and guardian of the Cacao Spirit. Her Earth-Heart beats through her offerings and she is devoted to a life of intention, cosmic balance and establishing a re-connection with Mother Earth. Serap is dedicated to offering finely tuned healing experiences, trainings and workshops in order to assist others in aligning with their inner gold, the star codes and the Heartbeat of all Creation.


    Based on how we want to learn in the future, Serap offers a multidimensional teaching & healing space, in which learning happens in a multi-sensory way. Connecting students both with the heartbeat of Mother Earth as the Heartbeat of all Creation, she helps to develop deep roots from where to open to the higher realms. Serap loves creating expanded spaces of consciousness both inside and outside to enable people to find their inner truth and inner gold.


    Master Student 'Salubrious Angels' in Energetic & Global Healing, Mari Nil, Ethical Developments & Practices in Global Resources, earthbeat foundation, Co-founder Agape Zoe Healing Festival, Berlin

    Years In Practice

    Energetic Healing 5 years
    Guardian of the Cacao Spirit 6 years
    Global Resources 6 years
    Advising conscious business founders 10+ years

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