Sequoia Henning

    British Columbia, Canada

    • 200 /300 Holistic Yoga Teacher Training in India and Bali
    • Sound Healing Retreats in India
    • Awaken Self-Love Retreats in Bali
    • Sound Healing workshops and group sound journeys, in Bali, India and Canada


    Sequoia’s life journey has been an ongoing evolvement of her spiritual development through the study and ongoing practice of yoga and healing. In her teenage years, Sequoia began to study esoteric knowledge secretly, by joining a regular study group on the topics of chakras, meditation and crystal healing. Her interest of yoga and sound healing branched out as she adventured on her first of many journeys to India at the fresh age of 21.
    A curious spirit always looking to expand my heart and mind. My biggest teacher is to listen deeply to nature. I believe we create our own reality too I have committed to embodying joy each and everything through singing, praying and being in nature.


    Everything I shared is adopted from the Yogic philosophy that everything is connected, into the mind, body and spirit. This requires the understanding of how each individual energy connects with the cosmic eternal energy field. This understanding gives ones personal empowerment to co-create their life through intention and deliberate creation. Sharing ways to live life Feeling Soul Good, with the union of heart and mind connect we tap into our souls' purpose.


    • Yoga Alliance


    I have lived half my life throughout S.E Asia frequenting mainly India, which has been my greatest teacher, My introduction to Yoga began 20 years ago, in the Science of Hatha Yoga. I have been teaching yoga trainings for the last 10 years, in India and Bali. Each training or retreat interweave my previous 15 years of study of the healing arts, I have taken various yoga training and classes in India and Thailand. My biggest passions for bringing me into the present moment is using breath and sound. I have taken various pranayama courses and breath work teacher trainings, Sound healing courses, some teachers include, Tom Kenyon, Mitch Nuir, Chole Goodchild, Gina Sala, and various teachers in India, The biggest teacher has been my daily practice for the last 17 years. I like to say I am a guide to help other develop awareness, self-empowerment to listen to your inner teacher which cultivates, love for oneself.

    Years In Practice

    15 years of the healing arts, including shiatsu, sound healing, reiki, aromatherapy, reflexology, EFT, abdomen massage, tuning forks, Tibetan bowls and intuitive healing course. 
    20 years studying yoga, 10 years of teaching.

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