Sarah Miller

    Buckley, Washington, USA.

    • Emotional Aromatherapy Cleansing & Balancing
    • Retreats (coming soon)
    • Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
    • E-books & Self - guided writing therapy
    • Copywriting (sales pages, landing pages, email funnels, etc)
    • Web Design
    • Online Course/Program creation & launch support


    Ever felt trapped by the thoughts in your head? Trapped by the life circumstances you were born into? Trapped by a role everyone else needs you to play? Trapped by the words that fly out of your mouth that really aren't yours? Yep. Me too. And living in that place where all of the fun, witty, profound creative potential living inside of me just sat dormant, locked out of the world by fear, lead me to dark periods of depression, crippling anxiety, especially social anxiety, eating disorders, debt, breaking my body, and finding bruised and bleeding on concrete (by my own doing) far too many times.
    Hi love, I'm Sarah Miller. And it was through cleaning up my own sacred mess - reading the stories that I'd picked up from the world around me, and choosing which parts I would keep, and which I would discard, that I was able to liberate all of that possibility living inside of me - and no longer feel weighed down and trapped by life. Through the techniques of kundalini yoga & meditation, emotional aromatherapy, song, dance, and therapeutic writing, that I was able to tap into a profound sense of self awareness, and mold life in a way that felt mine. In a way that felt inspired, connected, meaningful, and just really fucking good.
    Being trapped is valuable, but I don't want you to stay there any longer than necessary. It is possible to meet challenge with excitement and command, meet success with confidence and grace, and meet your Self for the experience of life, rather than just living a story. I'd love to share my tools & practices for doing just that.


    All that's needed is to spend a few minutes breaking the patterns of logic. Be it in dance, song, silly movements with funny breaths, smells, the simplest gateway into the most profound moments of self awareness and healing come in learning to meet each moment as new. I teach simple, self-guided techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere, to liberate yourself from living the life other people need you to live, and live the life you were meant to.
    In both my healing & copywriting/design/consulting business, my aim is to take part in the beautiful unfolding of the miracles that occur when logic, reason, and strategy are in service to the heart....not the other way around.


    BFA in theatre & writing from The New School, Marie Forleo's B-School, doTERRA certified essential oil educator, (in progress) KRI certified Kundalini & yoga teacher

    Years In Practice

    5 Years


    Essentoily You - Simple solutions for the peace seeking soul
    The Unapologetic You - embrace, embody & empower the YOU that's waiting to be born (an e-book)
    And coming in 2018, a digital safe haven and sanctuary for the creative hearts

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