Sarah-Jane Quick

    Suffolk, United Kingdom

    • Guided Meditation & Healing Groups
    • Spiritual Healing
    • Animal Healing
    • Building & Land Clearance


    I started life as a secretary in the Publicity department of a major UK television company. I worked my way up the career ladder to being a Chief Exec's assistant and loved being in control of "stuff" (an echo of my Pleiadean origins!) Beavering away, with my head in the corporate world, I was completely unprepared for Spirit to show me just how amazing it was, despite the oh-so massive hints I've had at key points throughout life... I finally got the message in quite a dramatic way so now I'm fascinated by healing and resolving past-life issues -- and it is my passion to help others who are stuck, not getting the most from life, and anyone who unexpectedly discovers that there's more to life than climbing the career ladder.


    I take myself (and my ego) out of the equation. Spirit Healing is conducted with a divine energy that emanates from the 7th Dimension. 3rd Dimensional Beings should step out of the way, we can't compete with that! The energy is a higher frequency than that of Reiki, and can heal problems in both your body, your energy field and any unresolved issues from past lives. My job is simply to channel the healing energy and to help you make sense of your experience afterwards. All I need to do is allow the energy to flow. Let it rip!


    Independent Professional Therapists International (IPTI)


    Master of the White Light Energy

    Years In Practice

    3 years

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