Sara Vale

    Lisbon, Portugal

    • Yoga classes (Vinyasa Flow, Modified Ashtanga, Yin, Dynamic Hatha)
    • Meditation Classes
    • Urban Retreats
    • Copywriting (English and Portuguese) and Brand Strategy for wellness brands


    I am sara, 80’s kid, writer, creative strategist, plant-based eater, smoothie bowl monster and chief Yogi at Pause and Flow. I am a Yoga practitioner, student and certified instructor by the Yoga Alliance International. 
    Life was not always this balanced. I've spent my teens and early twenties partying, eating cheese&tomato toasties in artisan bread (it's damn good in Portugal) and indulging myself with bad thoughts whilst listening to grunge music. I also loved jelly gummies - red bears, please.
    In 2007 I've started to work as a creative writer in advertising. I didn’t have time not even to breathe. Two years later, I was diagnosed with an hiatal hernia, a chronical digestive condition linked with stress and a bad relationship with food. Daily medication came, more pizza, more red wine and a couple mangos here and there. Too much to handle. One day I took a yoga class. Yoga was serious ‘hippie stuff’ back then. Yet, I had it a go. I didn't like it so I left the room in savasana.

    Then I took another class, and another. I tried different teachers, styles studios, countries: Portugal, Mozambique, India, UK, Cambodia, Bali. ln March 2016 I went to Rishikesh, a sacred town by the Ganga river, North India. There I became a yoga teacher and an even more dedicated yoga student.
    More recently I felt I was ready to progress my studies and I followed one of my dearest teachers all the way to Agonda, the land of peaceful cows & sweet coconuts in India. I stayed at my school for 6 more weeks as a Karma Yogi, developing my studies and practice further, teaching drop-in classes and assisting.
    Now I am back to Lisboa after 7 years and 3 months. I feel my dharma is to share my Yoga love with you. And you, and you. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do. Come along and play.

    Teaching Method 

    When I teach, I am fully there. Before being a yogi, I am a very empathetic and creative human being and I try to translate that into my classes. I've studied and practiced traditional Hatha Yoga, I've meditated at the mountains, prayed with the rishis but I am an urban girl so found home with a more dynamic Vinyasa Flow style, where I can create my own sequences and adapt to my students’ needs. I've also studied western anatomy. My yoga practice has started with the body but it was the deeper level of connection and consciousness that has hooked me. I try to see each student individually and understand their blockages, patterns, samskaras. I work with their bodies, breathe and souls, so they can feel the healing benefits of the practice. Ultimately, I want them to incorporate yoga in their day to day and get to self-practice. I am there to channel energy and to help them to be fully present. 


    200h Hatha Yoga, Yoga Alliance - Shiva Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh, India, 2016, 300h Vinyasa Flow - Sampoorna Yoga, Goa, India, 2017, 2 months of Karma yoga at Sampoorna Yoga, Goa, 2017

    Years In Practice

    Over 11 years of practice and 3 of self-practise. I’ve tried all sorts of Yoga from Kundalini to Dhrama, Yin to Ashtanga, modern to tradition, hipster, hippie. My practice is love story between Ashtanga fire and Vinyasa Flow. Om.

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