Sandra Pfeifer

    Vienna, Vienna, Austria.

    • Reiki, Guided Visualizations, Shamanic Journeys, Shamanic Power Retrievals, Dreamwork


    With my healing techniques I weave together my deep understanding about the cycles of nature, my love for storytelling and the power of dreams and our imagination. Channeling those energies we activate and anchor a conscious connection to your innate natural capacity for self-healing. My approach to healing is inspired by some of the visionary teachings of Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Steven Gallegos and Dr. Sharon Blackie. I love translating the wisdom of these ancient rooted methods like Reiki or shamanic journeying into creative and dynamic experiences to bring more joy, calmness, vibrance or insights into your life. In my (currently digitally only ) healing arts practice Sannahma, I offer a safe, relaxing and sacred space for clients ranging from scientists to mothers who are ready to release, to reconnect to their natural selves, to build resilience by firmly grounding an inner anchor, unearth new potential and skills and to establish trust in the natural unfolding of their lives while going through personal change amidst rising global challenges. Early on in my childhood I intuitively connected with the healing power of writing stories just to make my voice heard. I connected to the wisdom and love of my cherished great grandmother in my dreams; and growing up in the countryside of South Eastern Austria where the energy of ancient volcanoes is still present, I have always felt a powerful and nourishing connection to the earth under my feet. Later in life I learned that these profound relations are my unique resources to heal myself and to assist others in their needs on their individual journey.


    What my own healing practices have taught me is that on an emotional-spiritual level healing means to become whole. I want to help you reconnect to your natural self, build trust and resilience to feel empowered by your inner strength and wisdom.


    • The Reiki Association (UK)
    • International Coaching Federation


    Reiki Level 1, Deborah Hanekamp (New York)
    Reiki Level 2, Roseleen McNally, (Dublin)
    Reiki Master, Belinda Clarke, (Ibiza)
    Holistic Practitioner Diploma, Vitalakademie, (Graz) currently in process
    Shamanic Journeying, Roel Crabbe, (Vienna/Belgium)
    Deep Imagery, Dr. Steven Gallegos, (Vienna)
    Quantumhealing, Level 1, Heilsame Praxis, (Vienna)
    Footreflexology, OIGT Academy, (Vienna)
    Collage Dream Writing, writersstudio, Vienna
    (BA Journalism & Media, London College of Communication)
    (Creative Writing, Mary Ward Center, London)

    Years In Practice


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