Samantha Truswell

    Sydney, Australia

    • One-on-one nutrition consultations (Skype and in clinic)
    • Nutrition talks
    • Home visits


    Growing up, Samantha was fortunate to understand early in life the relationship between what was grown in her Mother’s garden, the food on her plate and good health.
    Throughout her studies and experiences, one of the most valuable points she came to realize about herself in conjunction with applying this to practice was that most of the time, less really is more. Although it may sound rather cliché, the constant striving for perfection, in any area of our lives, actually drives us further into chaos.
    Samantha is not into extremes. She doesn’t believe we should continue to pursue the pressure-filled fad diets so often championed in the media and that the stress surrounding this only keeps us further from achieving our overall health goals. Instead, she cherishes traditional methods of cooking and preparing seasonal, local, whole foods, and believes this is the foundation of health.
    It is the choices we make everyday from what we put in our mouth, to the products we use and the environment that surrounds us, which has the greatest influence on our health long term.
    Her main ambition as a health practitioner is to inform, motivate and guide individuals in understanding their full potential and providing them with the means to get there.


    Everyone is unique, therefore Samantha adapts her knowledge to each individual, ensuring simple, practical and therefore achievable goals can be sustained throughout life.
    As we embark on our own health endeavours it is important to retain balance as health encompasses all aspects of life, not only what we put in your mouth. Becoming obsessive about any single dietary pursuit can of course be detrimental to an overall sense of wellbeing. For example, the feeling of contentment that is nourished by social interaction shouldn’t stop you having an ice cream with friends. Your dietary regime doesn’t need to restrict you from the freedom of enjoying the experiences of life.
    All things in moderation.


    • Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)


    Bachelor of Health Science - Nutritional Medicine, Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine

    Years In Practice

    2 years

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