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    Oakland, California, USA.

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    I am a holistic health educator, tea maker and ritualist. Imbued in Eastern tradition and Western culture since childhood, both ancient healing practices and modern medical systems have shaped my understanding of health. Balancing the wisdom of these two worlds, my work blends ancient Ayurvedic practices, yogic philosophy, plant-based medicine and nutrition to help individuals reconnect with their inner healer, reclaim their story and live a more empowered truth. The journey towards this work began when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at just 9 years old. From its onset, the symptoms were painful and chronic. Despite my Indian culture’s Ayurvedic undercurrent, my parents, both accomplished physicians, entrusted my care to the Western system they knew firsthand to be life-saving. The diagnosis was made early by an incredible doctor, but I subsequently spent many years bouncing from specialist to specialist, test to test, to figure out how to manage the wide-ranging, persistent symptoms. Through this process and a certification in nutrition, my understanding of physiology and diet deepened. In taking agency for my health through academic and self study, I realize that the answers sought weren't hidden in someone else’s prescription for wellness but a combination of many things, and most importantly, completely unique to me. That meant that the first step towards long-term health was actually tuning out what was right for others — and tuning into myself. This is where it started, years before I founded Elemental Alchemy. The services and products I offer are informed by my personal experiences experimenting with different health systems and mind-body practices. And this is what I hope to share—that lasting health begins by looking inward with childlike curiosity. It is there that the elements foundational for health, the blueprint many of us so seek, awaits.


    Through personalized wellness services and handcrafted products Elemental Alchemy offers a holistic lifestyle that reawaken your own wisdom of transformation and healing. Understanding that health is an ongoing process rather than a state of being, each offering aims to reconnect you with your innate resources—the body’s instinctive alchemy—that already holds the energy, intelligence and understanding necessary for longterm health and wholeness. In our world of abundant information, rather than looking outside of oneself for instruction—a loop that’s confusing, complex, and disconnected from self—I strive to help you consciously connecting with your natural rhythms, cultivating awareness for what nourishes your body and makes you thrive. Within each of us lives a wellspring of health; a genesis that is whole, harmonious, balanced. Let's journey there, together.


    Mount Madonna Ayurvedic Practitioner (C-AP), California College of Ayurveda Ayurvedic Health Educator (C-AE), Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness (MB-EAT), Facilitator Sivananda Vedanta Food As Medicine Educator Precision Nutrition Precision Elite Coach Sage Mountain Science & Art of Herbalism Certification Yoga Garden SF Advanced Teacher Training (RYT 500), MSc London School of Economics BA University of Michigan

    Years In Practice

    6 Years. 

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