Ruth Jamieson

    Lisbon, Portugal.

    • Functional Medicine


    There is nothing more rewarding than working with someone, seeing their health transform, experiencing their joy and knowing that their life has changed for the better, thats why I love what I do. My love of food, and interest in nutrition began at an early age after the loss of my mother. At the tender age of eight I started cooking the family meals, I loved cooking! I remember having a fascination with the nutrition information on food labels, and an innate awareness that healthy eating was important. It wasn’t until my mid 30s after the birth of my son that I decided to get serious about nutrition. This was a significant turning point in my life. I wanted the best for my family, yet found so much conflicting advice about nutrition and wellness that I decided I needed to empower myself with knowledge so that I could make my own informed decisions. Little did I know that my training would provide me with the most valuable tools and skills of my life. Half way through my training I learnt that I had developed an autoimmune disease, and not only have I been able to manage my condition without medication and purely through diet, but I have also recovered from an under active thyroid, and helped my partner manage his seizure disorder purely though diet and lifestyle. I believe we are at a turning point on how we manage health and I find the science of nutrition, the body and the power we have to use food and lifestyle medicine to heal and enhance wellbeing truly fascinating and exciting. I believe that lifestyle and nutrition are the keys to good health. I want to help people like you navigate conflicting information about health and decide what will help you recover from illness, increase your energy, and keep you healthy. I don’t want you as a long term client, I want to coach you, to guide you, to give you the tools to take control of your health and simplify your approach to making healthy choices.


    The philosophy recognizes that each person is a unique individual with a unique set of genetics and biochemistry, as well as a unique set of environmental and lifestyle factors. These genetic/environment interactions are complex not simple. Three people could potentially have the same health issues with a completely different set of causes. Because of this, the approach of functional medicine is to identify how a person’s genetics are at odds with their environment so that they can be educated on how to restore this balance with lifestyle interventions. Some of the the components of the functional medicine approach include: Comprehensive health history Evaluation of the client’s lifestyle and environmental factors. Functional outcomes based laboratory workup to identify nutritional deficiencies, toxic environmental exposures, food allergies, and more. Education based approach so that ultimately the client is less dependent on the doctor to maintain their health. Treating the body, not symptoms.


    Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition.

    Years In Practice

    3 Years. 

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