Rick Little

    New York, New York, USA.

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    I first learned Vedic Meditation in 2010, and the practice immediately became an integral part of my life. I’ve been an avid practitioner of vinyasa yoga for years and, after learning Vedic Meditation, I discovered that the mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits I receive via my asana practice are available to me every time I meditate, without the need to spend an hour to 90 minutes on the mat. The fast-paced and demanding life working as a senior executive at a high-profile non-profit in New York City was beginning to take its toll, and I was excited to have found a practice that helps me feel more energized, creative, and fulfilled in everything I do. (I still love my physical yoga practice and find that it’s a perfect complement to Vedic Meditation.) Two years after learning Vedic Meditation, I was inspired to start the process of becoming a teacher, in order to share this practice and its life-changing benefits with those around me.
    My training involved extensive study, several trips to India, and culminated with three months of training with Thom Knoles and other senior teachers in the Himalayan foothills of northern India. I currently teach full-time in Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as traveling domestically and internationally to teach. I spent my childhood in the Pacific Northwest, attended Bennington College in Vermont, and have lived in New York City since 2002.


    L o v e i s t h e a n s w e r !


    Vedic Meditation Teacher Training with Thom Knoles, RYT200 from Yogamaya NYC

    Years In Practice

    2 years.


    In 2017 I partnered with five of my colleagues to open New York City's first Vedic Meditation studio of its kind, The Spring. We offer a robust calendar of Vedic Meditation courses, group meditations, and meditation-related events.  

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