Rebecca Puglielli

    Reservoir, VIC

    • Reiki
    • Flower essence therapy
    • Pellowah
    • Consciously blended goddess tisanes


    pending the last 17 years working in the natural health field, Rebecca's journey into wellness and healing has been one of much learning, experience and gratitude. She grew up in awareness that there was more to her existence as a human then the physical body. Somehow always being drawn to healing arts, like reiki, it wasn't until the birth of her son, that she began to consider it a career for herself. In 2017 she completed her level II reiki in the Usui linage.
    Rebecca has a passion to help others re-ignite their internal flame and connect back to their higher self, find strength and ultimately, empower themselves to stand in their own truth.
    She has recently been certified as a Pellowah facilitator. She has currently also completed practitioner certification with Australian Bush Flower Essences and hopes to assimilate the restorative qualities of flower essences with reiki practice to offer clients a complete healing experience.
    ebecca works in private healing facilitation practice and is a part time chiropractic assistant at a vitalistic clinic. She is excited to volunteer her healing skills to charities working with those in their final days of life on this earth plane.
    She enjoys time in nature, loves tea and second hand book stores, practicing yoga and long walks.


    • ARC (Australian Reiki Connection)
    • IICT (International Institute of Complimentary Therapies)


    Bachelor of Arts - LaTrobe University, Certificate in Reiki level 1 - Usui Lineage - Om Reiki Centre, Certificate in Reiki level 2 - Usui Lineage - Om Reiki Centrel, Pellowah Healing Technique - certificate of completion - Om Reiki Centre, Pellowah Healing Technique - certificate of completion level 2 - Om Reiki Centre, Australian Bush Flower Essence - Certificate of completion - ABFE (Alison Lovett)

    Years In Practice

    1 Year

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