Raven Aletheia

    Santa Clarita, California, USA.

    • Acupuncture techniques from Cosmetic to Cosmo-biological
    • Holistic Nutrition
    • Aroma-acu point (the use of essential oils on Acupuncture points)
    • Acu-tonics the use of tuning forks on Acupuncture points
    • Tuina massage therapy for pediatrics
    • Acupressure for labor techniques
    • Mantra yoga and Pranayama classes
    • Magic wisdom food workshops
    • Vibrational/sound healing and clearing workshops with Community Acupuncture
    • Holistic wellness retreats


    As a healing facilitator, Raven Aletheia inspires her patients and students into the ways of the ancients, the ways of nature. Following her passions she has been allowed by nature to combine her gifts of sound alchemy and holistic medicine together.
    Studying under many brilliant musicians, interdisciplinary teachers, Eastern medical arts professionals and most importantly through self cultivation, Raven weaves her love of ritual performance theatre with her passion for knowledge of the ancient ways of healing to create community happenings and wellness protocols for women and families. 
    Utilizing a combination of Acupuncture, Plant medicine, Pranayama, Vibrational healing modalities and Cosmo-biological wisdom she believes the human organism will find its own pathway to healing.
    Raven continues to develop many holistic wellness products to support individuals and families choosing a holistic path of living. She also facilitates workshops on how to make wellness products at home using organic and wild foraged ingredients available from our native environments. These workshops also inspire the greater vision of creating reciprocity between humans and nature by practicing self-care and mindfulness of the natural world around us.
    A mother of two amazing kids, Arrow and Pixie she has learned the most in her life from her children. She loves the natural world and lives close to nature. She is a volunteer and leader of The Holistic Moms Network and she offers classes through the Santa Clarita Valley chapter.


    Radical self care and the ultimate allowance of natures rhythm in all things. Facilitating community workshops and individual healing experiences Raven considers herself a facilitator of energy and the healing experience opening the doors for others to find their individual pathways to healing. Utilizing ancient wisdom and bringing the knowledge into every day living she helps others to incorporate healing practices into their everyday lives.


    BFA California institute of the Arts, MFA Emperors college of Traditional Chinese Medicine, ASSOCIATIONS 

    • Holistic Moms network

    Years In Practice

    10 years


    Over the New Year Raven is travelling to Sri Lanka to facilitate healing experiences based on Cosmobiolofical Acupuncture. She is interested in the sensing of place and in accessing the wisdom and energy of ancient places. We are all existing to one day return to the stars, tracing the lines of Acupuncture meridians and points and their association to the alignment of the stars and planets we become one step closer to understanding ourselves and thus our individual souls mission on this planet.

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