Rashia Bell

    New York, New York, USA.

    • Crystal Healing
    • Crystal Card Readings
    • Crystal Meditation
    • Personalized Crystal Shopping
    • Bespoke Wellness Experiences for Private Individuals and Corporate Clients
    • Movement & Yoga
    • Workshops & Retreats
    • Energetic Interior Design


    Interior Designer and Crystal Healer is the co-founder of THE CRISTALLINE, an multifaceted energetic lifestyle company that helps you to create balanced energy within all aspects of your life. She has completed two Crystal Healing Certi­fications from the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts, and consults with clients all over the world on how to incorporate the healing powers of crystals into one's life. Complemented by her 20 year study and training of Ballet, she additionally shows one how to tap into the energy channels of one's body through the use of movement and meditation.
    Rashia has lead workshops, private events and retreats around the world and works to show her clients how to find balance both within themselves and the spaces they live and work in.
    Rashia and her company THE CRISTALLINE have been written up in such publications as Vogue, Well & Good, Architectural Digest and The New York Times. Rashia has also written for MindBodyGreen.


    My story goes back nearly to the beginning, as I was destined to be involved in the performance arts. At the age of two I began 10 years of classical Suzuki violin training at the same time as taking my first Ballet classes. Truly smitten with Ballet by the age of five I had started my formal classical dance training with the Pennsylvania Ballet and performed on stage for with the company for the first of many seasons. Approaching college age, a career ending injury abruptly put an end to a dance career path, and I moved to New York City to study Fashion. It is on this road of experiencing both a career passion and loss, that the twists and turns occured that have led me to today.
    After more than ten years working in the Fashion, Beauty, Jewelry and Luxury industries, I discovered my creative voice through Interior Design. I found myself taking a uniquely holistic approach to the spaces I was transforming, by incorporating the energetic and healing powers of crystals and stones into their Interiors. I believe that the foundation for your wellness, starts with your home and that it is a representation of both your energetic and emotional state. 
    Explorations into the facets of energetic interior design are what lead me to also specialize in personal crystal healing work. Through Meditations, Workshops and Retreats, I have taken great pleasure in having had the opportunity to share crystal healing with people all around the world. I hope through these wonderful experiences I can continue to share the healing powers and natures gift of crystals.


    Beginner & Intermediate Crystal Healing Certifications from the Crystal Academy of The Healing Arts, Yoga Teaching in Spanish Certification, Flying Tree Yoga Medellin, Colombia, Yoga Internship, Flying Tree Yoga in Medellin, Colombia, Ballet & Movement Over 20+yrs training and study, former Pennsylvania Ballet Dancer, Former instructor of The Class By Taryn Toomey, Associates Degree in Interior Design from The New York School of Interior Design

    Years In Practice

    • Crystal Healing 4 years
    • Ballet & Movement Training & Study over 20+yrs
    • Interior Design 10 years


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