Raquel Jordan

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Hatha
    • Flow
    • Restore
    • Meditation


    It was in 2002, while studying musical theatre in NYC that revolutionary seedlings of Yoga where first planted. Every week my vocal coach would have me drop into cat/ cow while warming up my voice. She would say, opening and accessing the deeper dimensions of my body was the key to unlocking "the voice inside". This was only the beginning.
    Since then, I have studied from many lineages and manifestations of the yogic tradition. I received my 200 hr through YogaWorks under the tutelage of Joan Hyman and Carmen Fitzgibbon. As well as my certifications in Trauma Informed Yoga and Therapeutic/ Restorative. My personal interests in Creative Expression, Archetypical Psychology, Neuroscience, Ayurveda and Anatomy inform my teachings. 
    When working with clients I take all factors into account; goals, environment, daily stresses, prior athletic experience and any physical, mental or emotional challenges to create a therapeutic program for the body, mind and spirit. I have experienced first hand the healing and transformative powers of Yoga and am here to help others to discover the same profundities within themselves. I specialize in creating tailored meditation and yoga programs for; corporate clients, individuals moving through challenging times such as working through traumas in the emotional and physical body, and those who are ready to do the work of self inquiry in order unlock and discover their greatest potential.


    I believe that we all possess the innate power to heal ourselves (not discrediting the use of Western medicine) and preventative medicine is where it's at! Working with the body, connecting consciously and moving with intention can have profound effects on both the physical structure as well as one's elusive psyche.


    200 hr Yoga Works, 75 hr Trauma Informed Yoga, 25 hr Therapeutic Restorative, 75 hr Anatomy & Art of Sequencing

    Years In Practice

    4 Years

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