Pamela Samuelson

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Embodywork
    • Visionary Craniosacral Work
    • Pregnancy and postnatal massage
    • Scar tissue remediation
    • Holistic Pelvic Care™
    • Maya Abdominal Therapy®

    Embodywork sessions draw on almost two decades of continual training and experience in a wide range of modalities as well as hundreds of hours working on the table with an amazing variety of people. My bodywork has grown into a responsive, flexible combination of soft tissue release, structural alignment, TCM-based meridian and point manipulation, Visionary Craniosacral Work, pregnancy and postnatal massage, scar tissue remediation, Holistic Pelvic Care™, the Arvigo techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, techniques drawn from Sexological Bodywork, Crystalline Energetics, and somatic-emotional release work rooted in Core Energetics. There is no template, and no two sessions are alike. 
    In addition to full-body structural remediation sessions, I offer comprehensive pelvic healing and sexuality education for people who wish to explore the radical vitality and raw power of their bodies, transform the energetic imprints and physical scars of past trauma, prepare for a joyful, optimally healthy pregnancy and birth, heal birth injuries, and claim their full function, strength, and pleasure. Pelvic healing sessions are offered to anyone who is anatomically female across the spectrum of gender, and I am committed to finding the most relevant and respectful language for this work with each individual. I am queer-, kink- and poly-friendly.
    I strongly believe that the physical body is the soul manifest. As such, it’s an honor to be given such intimate access, and my work is to show up with the skill, presence, deep respect and unconditional love that such honest revelation rightly deserves.


    Hello ;) I'm Pamela. LA native, first-generation American, explorer, polymath, feminist, lover & fighter, mover & shaker. I've been a bodyworker and an educator for 18 years.
    Embodywork, which is the current shape of my work as a bodyworker and educator, is the silver lining of the transformation of my own wounds.
    As a dancer in a rigorous conservatory program in college, I developed a chronic injury so severe that I was unable to stand still without searing pain and spasms in both of my hips. I was brought over the course of 2 years to a complete physical crisis that forced me to stop dancing. MDs could find nothing wrong with me, and brief encounters with physical therapists only made matters worse.
    The things that made a difference, then and now, are somatic therapy, exploratory bodywork, and meditation. Somatic, or body-based, therapy brought me face to face with the presence of emotion on lockdown in my body, and then taught me to witness the tectonic shifts that occur when that energy is brought to consciousness and given permission to move. Bodywork has demonstrated to me over and over that body and mind are inextricable, that the body never lies, and that our fundamental act as intelligent animals is to give and receive love. And meditation has cracked open my perceptions, handed me the reins to myself, and showed me the true extent of my malleability as an ordinary human being.
    Over and over again, those three things have brought me back to myself, alive and whole. My gratitude became fascination. I leapt down the rabbit hole, and have chased everything that has felt like a key to freedom ever since. 
    In addition to private sessions with individuals and couples, I teach workshops in advanced techniques for healing practitioners, offer sexuality education classes for adults and teens, and run a magical academy for gifted young people every summer. I can otherwise be found hanging upside down from whatever is nearest, running after my tiny daughter, circling Echo Park Lake in a flock of wild geese, and howling at the moon.


    The goal of my work is twofold: to hold a deeply grounded, honest space for the people who get on my table to know and feel that they are whole despite and including their wounds, that they are absolutely capable of transformation, and that they have total authority over their own experience - and then to meet them with the skill, subtlety, intuition, and courage to accurately read and explore with them the places in their bodies where they are asking for help. 
    In classes, I strive to empower all students with deep trust in their perceptions, unwavering optimism in the human capacity for evolution, a foundation of functional anatomical and psycho-emotional literacy, and a degree of discernment that allows for impeccable boundaries in personal and professional relationships, particularly with clients. I am very clear on the dynamic interplay of empathy and agency when offering oneself as a healing facilitator, and seek to transmit to my students that we are here to cultivate ourselves as bodhisattvas, offering unconditional love through our capacity to witness, challenge, and hold space for the unfolding of the body's truth.


    BA (concentration in dance and religious studies) from Sarah Lawrence College, Certified Sexological Bodyworker (CSB) in the state of California, 1500?+ hours of bodywork training from: Milne Institute (Hugh Milne), Tami Lynn Kent, STREAM with Ellen Heed and Kimberly Ann Johnson, the Arvigo Institute for Maya Abdominal Massage, the Shiatsu School of Santa Monica, IPSB, California Healing Arts College, Vincent Medici.

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