Pamela Heath

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Life Coaching
    •  Business Consulting spiritual workers and transformational practitioners


    My name is Pam Heath and I am the YES Coach™. I work with Tranformational Practioners who have struggled to turn their passion into a profitable business. I help them create a thriving business aligned with their life passion. 
    I provide coaching, support, empowerment, validation, structures and whatever is needed to be a powerful force in business for those with creative, and most importantly – spiritual - minds. 
    I create, design and deliver custom programs, trainings and workshops for corporations, institutions, and spiritual / transformational practitioners. If you want to be your own boss, a business owner who can make a living and actually achieve abundance and prosperity as an entrepreneur and you are a spiritual or health practitioner, a creative artist, or even if you aren’t sure what you want to create but you’re sure you want to create something and own your own business, I’m your go-to guru to get you started, take you to the next level – at whatever level you are currently – and have you succeed!
    I have some very practical logistical information to get started. I coach, guide, train and advise and growth is assured! I specialize in breaking down the emotional barriers that block people from what they are committed to achieving in life. My background is in personal development, communications, team management and years of empowering individuals to achieve their best results. I spent a lifetime as a Legal Administrator and Operations Manager and I also spent many years leading impactful transformational programs and I will work to enhance the ability to create the life of your dreams – by design. I call myself a YES Coach and the process I designed is the Science of YES.


    I call myself a YES Coach and I train people to tackle everything with powerful structures and YES attitude


    BA in Journalism, University of Southern California, Landmark Worldwide, Seminar Leader

    Years In Practice

    3 Years

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