Omar Ahmadzai

    Los Angeles, California, USA.

    • Shamanic Flute Meditation
    • Shamanic Breathwork
    • Private Shamanic Healing
    • Chakra opening & balance, Shamanic Consultation


    Shaman Omar is a Mystic, Shaman, Ayahuasquero, Healer, Teacher and Activist. He delivers a clear bridge between the ancient shamanic wisdom of our ancestors with the understanding of the "modern" day.
    A gifted speaker, Shaman Omar has a unique ability to explain the most complex of spiritual concepts and extract the most ancient of understandings into one concise and centered point making him relatable to everyone. He draws from a vast ocean of wisdom and captivates those in attendance with his unparalleled knowledge.
    He is the Resident Shaman at The Sacred Space Miami, The Sanctuary LA, and teaches workshops monthly in most of the leading conscious event centers & studios in America. He also speaks frequently on subjects such as Shamanism within Humanities History, Spirituality and Ancient Mysticism including Shamanic “Tools of Divination” that include ancient meditation techniques and plant-based medicines that have been used by the Mystics and Sages of all ages. He is also the Director of Speakers at the Universal TheoGnostic Society, an International Non-Profit Civil Society dedicated to Shamanic Mysticism.
    The Urban Shaman has led nearly 10,000 soul seekers through shamanic ceremonies that have allowed them to connect with the divine. Widely considered to be one of the most talented Shamanic Flutist in the world, Shaman Omar has lead some of the largest mass meditations in Miami with his powerful music.
    He recently released his shamanic flute meditation album “The Awakening: A Shamanic Journey” available now in iTunes. His book, “Journey In Spirit: The Art of Awakening” is being released as an audiobook early 2018.


    Ancient Mysticism, Shamanism and TheoGnosis.


    Director of Speakers - Universal TheoGnostic Society Co-Chairman of ONAC Florida (Native American Church)

    Years In Practice

    15 Years.

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