Nicole Webb

    Santa Monica, California, USA.

    • Holistic Healing Session
    • Reiki Healing Session
    • Spiritual Life Coaching & Intuitive Guidance Session
    • Private Level I, II or Master Reiki Attunement


    Based in Los Angeles ( Santa Monica) and certified in Soul Centered Living I - a course in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, Reiki Master practitioner and course level 2 Biomagnetism & BioenergeticsTherapy. These courses have enabled me to build a holistic tool box, that consists of a variety of modalities to draw upon, when facilitating each client in this journey of healing. 
    Before I got into my work as a healer and spiritual life coach I was facing a chronic digestive issue that was severely affecting my quality of life and happiness. I was having problems digesting most of my favorite foods and almost any vegetable. I was constantly bloated, irregular bowel movements, gas and also uncontrollable weight gain. I was very uncomfortable in my skin and body, at this time my self confidence was not very high. I was frantically trying everything in my awareness in order to resolve it, none of my old tools seem to be working. I made a bit of progress through all of this but the digestive issue was still there, with all its before mentioned symptoms.
    My aha moment came in one of my sessions where my practitioner was muscle testing a variety of questions to get more clarity around the digestive issue. I asked him to ask my body ‘How much of this digestive is emotional, on a scale of 1 to 10?” The answer he tested was a 6.5 out of 10 - so mostly emotionally rooted. I then asked him to test who are what it was related to, the answer he got was ‘the relationship with your mother.’ AHA!
    One of the powerful experiences that helped me to heal and move through it was my time at University of Santa Monica. Where I learned tools like free-form writing, Gestalt therapy, conversation journaling, compassionate self forgiveness and so many more that I use in my healing practice today. Ultimately it was a combination of these tools and the clarity I gained through muscle testing that assisted me in healing fully from my digestive issue.
    How I offer a time and space to support others who are moving through any physical, emotional and energetic blockages. I love assisting clients who are facing similar challenges. I am most passionate about helping women to manifest big life changes (in romantic relationship, career, health, happiness, and fulfillment) and guiding women to harness & develop their intuition.
    Holistic Healing Session (60 minutes) ~
    This session can be focused on one or a combination of all therapies. The session may include the use of muscle testing, emotional release therapy, hands on reiki healing & biomagnetism energy healing. The session will consist of four components:
    -Intention setting -What would you like to focus your energy on for our time together?
    -Discussion - Learning more about your physical health and all components of your life that affect your happiness
    -Muscle testing - Asking questions to the body to gain clarity on where to focus our efforts for maximum healing
    -Therapy treatment - Here we'll use one or a combination of therapies to facilitate in healing the physical, emotional & spiritual body
    Reiki Healing Session (45 & 70 minute sessions) ~
    This session will begin with an intention setting discussion around your energetic needs for the treatment therapy. The rest of the treatment will consist of:
    -7 Crystal chakra healing
    --Angel card reading
    -Essential oils
    -Singing bowl attunement
    -Cutting of energetic cords & ties that are no longer serving you
    -Full body scan
    Spiritual Life Coaching & Intuitive Guidance Session (60 minutes) ~
    his session will consist of:
    -Intention setting - Getting clear on your goal for our time together, while also taking a full assessment of the core areas of your life that you'd like to move forward in (romantic relationships, health, career, friendships + family, living situation)
    -Focused conversation - Thought provoking and perspective shifting questions, taking a journey of inquiry into your heart & mind
    -Tools + exercises - Here is where we do the deep work of moving through blockages, limiting beliefs and stuck energy
    -Creating a plan - Insight translated. Creating clear action steps to leave your session feeling at peace, empowered and excite
    Private Level I, II or Master Reiki Attunement (150 minutes) ~
    he Level I session will consist of:
    -Learn the origin and history of Reiki
    -Learn to give a full body Reiki treatment to yourself and others
    -Learn how to ground, clear and protect your energy
    -Byosen Scanning: Using the sensitivity in the hands to locate the areas that need healing
    -Practice giving and receiving a Reiki session
    -Receive your Reiki manual
    -Receive your Reiki attunement
    -Gain a deeper connection to your intuition and spiritual guidance


    Goal is to empower people to improve their health through the use of food, herbs, essential oils and lifestyle techniques, herb Walks, lectures & kitchen demos.


    Certified in Soul Centered Living I, Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, Reiki Master practitioner, Course level 2 Biomagnetism & BioenergeticsTherapy.

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